Relocate Your Business and Life with Startup Visa.

The Residence and Work Permit process takes between 5-6 months.

step 1

Company Formation with E-Residency Card

Firstly, the E-Residency card application is makes for you. With the E-Residency card, your company is established online on your behalf without going to Estonia. The card must be collected from the chosen pickup location. On average, the first step takes 30-45 days.

step 2

Application to the Startup Committee

The Estonian startup committee gives a letter of reference to the owners of entrepreneurial companies with innovative business ideas for up to 5 years of residence and work permits. We design your innovative business idea and make your application. On average, Step 2 takes 10-20 days.

step 3

Delivery of Documents to the Consulate

With the reference letter received from the Startup Committee, the application is made to the consulate with the required documents. After all documents are submitted, your residence and work permit card comes to the consulate after 3-4 months.

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You can't find the answer, Any questions?

For your questions and concerns, always [email protected] e-mail address. There may be delays in the answers given due to the pandemic.


Is the residence and work permit issued for certain?

Granting of residence and work permits is at the initiative of the Republic of Estonia, but as Advist, none of our clients have been refused before. Our success rate is constantly updated on the homepage.

Can I work in other EU countries with the Residence and Work Permit Card?

You can only travel to other EU countries with the residence and work permit card from Estonia. You cannot work in other EU countries except Estonia.

Is there a refund?

Although we have not been rejected by any of our clients before, if your project is rejected, we make another application free of charge. No refunds are made due to the inclusion of state fees.

Can my wife and child benefit from a residence and work permit?

Your spouse and children under the age of 15 are entitled to receive a residence and work permit with them.

Will more than one application make discount the fee?

If more than one person is founder in the same company, a discount of 200 € is given per partner. Applications can be made with a maximum of four partners.

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