Consulting Agreement

    1. SIDES

Edulegal OÜ company located at Harju maakond, Kuusalu vald, Pudisoo küla, Männimäe, 74626 Estonia will be referred to as “ADVIST” in this agreement.

In this contract, the person receiving consultancy service will be referred to as ‘CONSULTANT’.

In this agreement, ADVIST and CLIENT will be referred to individually as ‘PARTY’ and collectively as ‘PARTY’.

    1. SCOPE
    1. This contract regulates the relations between ADVIST and the CLIENT, who will undertake the duty of residence work permit consultancy.
    2. It determines the mutual rights and obligations and responsibilities between the PARTIES.


    1. AIM

The purpose of this contract is to fulfill mutual obligations in an objective, honest and diligent manner and to ensure mutual productivity at the highest level.

    1. The PARTIES agree and undertake to work together within the scope required by the cooperation, to mutually provide the necessary support for the performance of the work or service, to comply with the terms of the contract in the performance of rights and obligations, to comply with the principle of confidentiality.


ADVIST agrees and undertakes to provide the following works and services.

  1. To project the CLIENT’s innovative business idea,
  2. Creating a demo website that introduces the CLIENT’s business idea,
  3. To apply for a reference letter to the Estonian Initiative Committee with the project developed on behalf of the CLIENT,
  4. To inform the CLIENT throughout the process,
  5. Giving the necessary guidance to the CLIENT about the necessary documents,
  6. If the project is approved on behalf of the CLIENT, to apply for the E-Residency card,
  7. If the project is approved on behalf of the CLIENT, he agrees and undertakes to establish a company in the Republic of Estonia.




CLIENT, in line with the interests of ADVIST;

  1. Not to give the works to 3rd party/person(s) within the scope of ADVIST service under the contract,
  2. To provide the documents requested by ADVIST,
  3. To comply with ADVIST’s directions
  4. It accepts and undertakes to make the fee and all other payments in the contract in full and on time.




  1. The CLIENT will pay a consultancy fee of 2000 € in the first payment to ADVIST in return for the services to be provided to him. The fee will be paid in two installments, 1300€ and 700€. The application will be made after the second installment is paid.
  2. If the project is approved, the company will pay an extra 600€ for establishment and E-residency card.
  3. ADVIST will issue an invoice for the consultancy fee corresponding to the fee to the CLIENT, together with the payment.
  4. All government fees and expenses are included in the initial fee paid. ADVIST cannot charge an additional fee.
  5. Payments are made online via invoice.



  1. SIDES; has become a party to this contract, knowing its legal rights and obligations. For this reason, they accept and undertake that they will indemnify the other party in case they do not fulfill their contractual obligations unfairly.
  2. To comply with the legal regulations, commercial and social customs and practices related to the subject of the contract,
  3. It accepts and undertakes not to violate the intellectual and industrial property rights of the third party/person(s).
  4. When concluding this contract, ADVIST accepts that all the information and documents given to it by the CLIENT regarding the CLIENT’s affairs and the plans and projects to be realized are correct and reflect the truth; THE PARTIES agree and declare that ADVIST is not under any obligation to investigate the truth and accuracy of these matters.
  5. In the event that the CLIENT does not give approval for the work and transactions, and also does not pay the cost of the work and transactions; ADVIST will not be held responsible for the incomplete or non-delivery of these services.
  6. ADVIST does not guarantee the CLIENT to obtain any residence and work permit.




  1. The intellectual property rights of the project developed by ADVIST will belong to the CLIENT.


  1. As a rule, all kinds of materials, information, ideas, inventions, which must be considered as the property of the explainer and/or confidential information, in accordance with good faith, due to the conditions in which the disclosure is disclosed by one of the PARTIES to the other and the declaring party declares its own property and/or confidentiality or the disclosure is made. Even if innovation, work, method, progress and patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret are not subject to legal protection, all commercial, financial, technical information and the like are confidential, protected and not disclosed.
  2. Confidential Information may only be disclosed to the employees and subcontractors of the party receiving the information ‘to the extent necessary to know’, it cannot be used or copied for any reason other than the purposes permitted by this agreement, unless the party giving the information has written consent.
  3. The PARTY violating confidentiality and/or disclosing confidential information without permission shall indemnify the other party for any loss or damage.


  1. This contract ends when ADVIST fulfills its commitments. The contract period is limited to a maximum of one year.
  2. The contract is not automatically renewed.

  1. If one of the PARTIES does not fulfill its obligation, the other party makes a written request to the other party to fulfill its obligations, but if the other party does not fulfill its obligations within one month, the right to terminate the contract unilaterally arises.
  2. In this case, the one who terminates the contract unilaterally, if there is any receivable from the other party, will immediately collect this amount, without prejudice to its right to compensation.
  3. In addition, if ADVIST terminates the contract for just cause and unilaterally, the remaining part of the contract price will be paid.
  4. PARTIES, when any of the following situations occur; has the right to terminate this contract unilaterally and with immediate effect.
  5. Dissolution of one of the parties.
  6. Insolvency of one of the parties, request for bankruptcy postponement, concordat, bankruptcy decision, appointment of a temporary or permanent trustee to the management
  7. The PARTY, which has requested the rightful termination in accordance with the contract, shall not pay any compensation to the other party, without prejudice to its right to claim compensation for the damage suffered.

  1. The CLIENT cannot request a refund without a justified reason.
  2. Upon termination, ADVIST destroys the CLIENT’s personal data.



The PARTIES agree and undertake to comply with all applicable or to be established laws regarding their own liability regarding the performance of the work and/or services to be performed under this contract.

    1. ETHICS

PARTIES will act in accordance with mutual corporate culture principles and working rules; Pay attention to the implementation of business ethics principles and rules, 3. It will not make any illegal payments to the party/person(s), and 3. It will not enter into a relationship of interest with the party/person(s).

    1. Force Majeure
  1. None of the PARTIES are responsible for the events, natural events, fire, explosion or extraordinary weather conditions, war, terror, occupation, revolution, coup, legal and administrative regulations that develop beyond their control and / or will and prevent or delay the fulfillment of the obligations of the parties under this contract. The occurrence of situations such as bans, embargoes, emergency national and regional events, strikes, lockouts will be considered as force majeure.
  2. PARTIES will not be liable for delays or breaches of commitments caused by force majeure.
  3. However, the PARTY affected by the force majeure shall immediately notify the other party of this force majeure and shall make every effort to eliminate this reason and to fulfill its obligations arising from this contract.
  4. If the force majeure continues, the PARTIES will try to compromise in good faith in order to eliminate the effects of this reason and to agree on fair and reasonable alternative arrangements.
  5. In the event that the force majeure continues for more than 3 months, each of the PARTIES may terminate this contract without any obligation of compensation by sending a written notice to the other party.


The PARTIES cannot transfer or assign this contract or their rights and receivables arising from this contract to the 3rd Party/person(s) without the written consent of the other party.


PARTIES are independent contractors. They are not legal representatives or agents of each other.


The PARTIES accept that all addresses in the printed and electronic media will be used for notification, provided that they are prepared in accordance with this agreement by the authorized representatives of the parties, apart from the legal documents, in the proof of any matter related to this contract, and the documents in this form will also be evidence.


  1. All notifications, permissions and requests to be made or to be given in connection with this contract are subject to Article 18 of the Turkish Commercial Code. Without prejudice to the provision of the article, it should be sent to the addresses specified in this contract by registered mail, urgent courier.
  2. Notices shall be deemed to have been served as of the delivery date recorded on the postal receipt or on the courier.
  3. The parties accept and declare that the addresses mentioned above (Article 1) are their legal residences and that the notifications to be made to this address are legally valid.
  4. The responsibility arising from the failure to notify the letters to be sent to the address written in the contract or the failure to notify the address changes belongs to the related party.


Failure of one of the PARTIES to demand the implementation of one or more provisions of this agreement at any time shall not constitute a waiver of the rights of the other PARTY.


This agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement reached between the PARTIES on the subject of this agreement and supersedes all previous agreements, negotiations and agreements.

    1. CHANGES

Changes or additions to any provision of this contract or the scope of the work/service shall not be binding on the parties unless they are in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of each party.


The PARTIES declare and accept that Estonian Tallinn Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in case of disputes arising from the interpretation and implementation of this contract.

  1. The PARTIES accept the accuracy and results of these statements by declaring that this contract and the requests and notifications related to this contract have been drawn up and signed by the persons authorized and/or authorized to represent and bind the CLIENT.
  2. This agreement is valid and binding for the PARTIES and their successors.
  3. In the event that the person signing on behalf of one of the parties is not authorized, the contract will also be binding on the unauthorized signatory in the event that transactions and payments are made based on this contract.


    1. FORCE

This contract has entered into force by being drawn up and signed by the parties on ______ .