Establish Your Business with an Investment of 65 thousand € in the EU

Realize your dream business and get a residence and work permit for up to 5 years. We explained the process for you.

step 1

Company Establishment with E-Residency Card

First, an E-Residency card application is made. Your company is established on your behalf online without going to Estonia via the E-Residency card. After the card application is made, the card is taken in person from the Estonian Embassy in Ankara. On average, the first step takes 30-45 days. Subsequently, the capital payment is made after the company bank account is opened.

step 2

Writing the Business Plan

The company starts to carry out its planned activities. After 4 months, prepare a business plan with the desired features and future forecasts. In this process, we offer an invitation letter service to our clients who need a visa to come to Estonia.

step 3

Delivery of Documents to the Consulate

An application is made to the consulate in Ankara with the prepared business plan and the required documents. After the delivery of all documents, your residence and work permit card is issued to be delivered to the consulate again 2-3 months later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Residence and Work Permit given definitively?

The issuance of a residence and work permit is at the discretion of the Republic of Estonia, but your application will be accepted if you meet the general requirements.

Can I work in other EU countries with a Residence and Work Permit Card?

You can only travel to other EU countries with your residence and work permit card from Estonia. You cannot work in other EU countries except Estonia.

Can my spouse and child benefit from a residence and work permit?

Your spouse and children under the age of 18 are also entitled to receive a residence and work permit as well. They can benefit from this right by paying the card issuance fee of only 210 €.

Can more than one person be a partner in the company?

If more than one person is the founder of the same company, each partner must make a capital payment of at least 65 thousand €.

Will my residence and work permit be renewed when my period expires?

In order for your residence and work permit to be renewed at the end of the period, you must earn a company income of 200 thousand € per year or 5 times the monthly Estonian minimum wage.

Do you provide consultancy during the business establishment process?

As Advist, we provide consultancy at every stage of your process with our team of lawyers in Estonia.

Do you provide services in buying and renting real estate?

We make a list of the most suitable real estate for your business and provide consultancy in your purchase & rental process.

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