10 Reasons to Move to Finland Immediately

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Today, many people in our country want to move to European Countries. In this article, we will provide information about the reasons for moving to Finland.

The reasons for wanting to move to Finland are that the income level is high and the rights are high.

10 Reasons to Move to Finland
  1. All public health fees are free.
  2. Recycling is highly valued in Finland. Almost all plastic bottles are recycled.
  3. Finnish passports are valid all over the world.
  4. Education is compulsory for children between the ages of 7 and 17.
  5. Annual per capita income is very high. This value is around 30 thousand dollars. This is why Finland is among the richest countries in the world.
  6. 6 . It is one of the leading countries in the field of advanced technology.
  7. 7 . Half of Finland is covered with forests. Most trees are found here.
  8. It was the first country where internet access was recognized as a legal right. It was announced in 2010.
  9. Finland is known as strawberry paradise.
  10. Santa Claus Village is located in this country.
What Are the Actions to Be Taken After Moving to Finland?

The procedures to be followed after moving to Finland are described below.

  1. Registration of Residence

When you move to Finland, you must first register your residence. For registration, you must go to the Civil Registration and Digital Data Office closest to you. If you are going to stay in Finland for longer than three months, you must declare temporary relocation. If you are a citizen of a foreign country, you will be given an identification number when you register for civil registration.

In the registration process, the Department of Population and Digital Data records your basic information in the Finnish population information system. This basic information consists of principles such as name, gender, nationality and address.

  1. Opening a Bank Account

You need a bank account in Finland for your financial affairs. Some documents are required for opening a bank account. These are passport and official identity document.

  1. Social Security

The most important aim of Finland’s social security is to provide people with sufficient income when difficult living conditions arise. For example, to help you if you need financial support when you get sick.

To receive financial support, you must live or work permanently in Finland. When these conditions are met, the right to receive financial support is obtained.

  1. Internet Connection

Thanks to the internet, you can easily do many things. One thing you need to do when you move to Finland is an internet connection.

  1. Making Insurances

Having home insurance in Finland will give you a great advantage. Because this insurance covers damage to your belongings. In addition, often homeowners want home insurance for their homes they will rent.

If you have a personal car, it is compulsory to have traffic insurance according to the law.

  1. Getting a Telephone Line

Another thing you need in Finland is a telephone line. Many companies sell telephone lines. When opening a line, a Finnish ID number is required. Also, your residential address must be located in Finland.

It is available on lines called pre-paid. These do not require your Finnish ID number and address. To be able to make calls, you must charge a certain amount to your Pre-paid card. You can buy these cards in markets and online.

How is Public Transport in Finland?

Public transport is well managed in this country. It is possible to go to most parts of Finland by bus and train. It is also possible to go to many cities of the country by plane. In this respect, it leaves most countries.

What are the Finnish Airlines Facilities?

There are a total of 24 airports in Finland. The largest is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Most international flights depart from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

What is General Information About Finnish Media?

Approximately 200 newspapers are published in Finland. There are a total of four state television channels. The number of commercial television channels is very high. You have channel options to watch. Finland’s media is like this.

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