10 Interesting Things You Should Know About Finnish Culture

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The cultures of the countries are very curious. Because cultures are mirrors of the past. In this article, we will talk about Finnish culture in detail.

Finnish Culture speaks for itself with its different traditions and extraordinary competitions.

What Is Interesting Fact in Finnish Culture?
  1. It is the Birthplace of the Famous Nokia Brand.

Nokia was first established in Finland in 1865. When it was first established, it was operating as a pulp mill. After many years, studies continued in different sectors. Nokia is one of the world’s most famous telecommunication companies.

  1. It ranks first in the world in coffee consumption.

Finland is the country that consumes the most coffee in the world. Finns usually consume 8-9 cups of coffee daily. Coffee is also frequently consumed with cake in Finnish culture. Most Finns consume around 12 kg of coffee per year.

  1. It is very popular because of watching the Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights are known as the Aurora Borealis. The best time to watch with the naked eye is between March and September. You can easily watch it in the Lapland region with the naked eye.

It is possible to watch the Northern Lights more than 200 nights a year in Finland . The Finns have built glass spherical igloos called igloos to watch the Northern Lights.

  1. It is very famous for its saunas in Finland .

There are over 2 million saunas in Finland. Saunas have a great importance in Finnish culture. There is more than one sauna per person in the country.

Most people in Finland have a sauna at home. These hot air baths have many features. Relaxing the muscles, relieving stress and relieving pain are some of its properties.

They had traditional Finnish saunas, chimneys and stoves. But today, saunas with very safe modern structures are used.

  1. Speeding Fines in the Country Are Very High.

Speeding and traffic fines in Finland are calculated based on drivers’ annual income.

  1. Tango is of great importance for Finns.

The importance of tango in Finland has been in place since the 60s. Tango fans flock to the Festivals in Finland that take place every July.

  1. It is Considered the Homeland of Heavy Metal Music.

There are many ‘heavy metal’ bands in Finland. The world-famous groups of this music originated in Finland. Eurovision Song Contest winner Lordi, Children of Bodom and Nightwish are some of these groups. These groups successfully reflect the wild and dark nature of their country in their music.

  1. The Country Where Santa Claus Lives.

Finland’s Lapland region is considered to be where Santa Claus lives. There is also a symbolic house where Santa Claus is supposed to live in the village of Rovaniemi, in Lapland. This house is open to visitors.

  1. The Land of Interesting Competitions Finland

Finns have different competitions. We will describe these competitions below.

What Are the Different Competitions Held in Finland?

The different competitions held in Finland are listed below.

  • The Finnish Dialect Speaking Championship is held in July of each year.
  • The World Swamp Football Championship is held.
  • The Snowshoe Football World Cup takes place.
  • The wife-carrying contest is held every summer in Sonkajarvi.
  • The World Cell Phone Throwing Championship is held in August of each year, hosted by Nokia.
  • Ice Swimming Events are popular in Helsinki. It is possible to perform these activities naked or clothed.
  • The Finnish Sauna World Championships are held in Heinola every August. This competition can test the endurance of hot and humid environment.
  • The Mosquito Swatting Mosquito Championship is held annually in Finland.
What Are Finland’s Ancient Wedding Traditions?

Finnish brides wear a gold and handmade tiara at the wedding. After the wedding ceremony, single young girls gather around the bride. The bride chooses one of these girls and gives her the crown. It is believed that the crowned girl will soon marry.

Auctioning marriages was in the ancient wedding tradition of the Finns. Bargains were made between the fathers of the bride and groom. The money determined in the bargain was used to exchange dowry. This is how Finland’s old wedding traditions are.

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