10 Interesting Facts About England

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England is located on the island of Great Britain in the west of Europe. With 10 interesting facts about England, you will be quite surprised to hear some unknown information about this Country.

Among the 10 interesting facts about England , you may come across very interesting information that you have never heard of and that you would not say is this much.

The United Kingdom consists of the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Here’s some interesting information you didn’t know about England.

1- The UK Is The Country To Use The First Postage Stamp

The UK was the first country in the world to use postage stamps . Despite this, it is the only country that does not write the name of the country on its postage stamps. In England, it is considered treason to affix upside-down stamps with images of the king and queen.

2- Royal Wedding Day is a Public Holiday in England.

In England, that day becomes a public holiday for greater attendance at royal weddings.

3- In England, the accent changes every 45 km.

Around 300 languages are spoken in England. The most interesting thing is that after every 45 km you come across different accents. Many cultures live together, as England has brought together people from many countries so far. The French language has been spoken for 300 years in England, which is already a united country. Even the official language of England was French. England spoke French from 1066 to 1362.

4- The Longest Alliance Between England and Portugal

The alliance established between England and Portugal since 1386 still continues.

5- The Queen of England is the Legal Owner of One Sixth of the Whole Earth’s Land Surface

The Queen of England is the legal owner of one sixth of the world, with 2.67 billion hectares of land. This amount is approximately 34 Turkey’s size. He is the largest landowner, although not formally.

6- The British Queen Does Not Use Passports.

Because the Queen of England 2. Eliza bet does not have a passport. Although the British Queen has officially visited more than 100 countries, she has provided passport-free entry to these countries. This is because in England passports are issued in the name of the Queen.

7- Macbeth Written By English Author William Shakespeare Is The Most Played Game

Written by the English writer Shakespeare, the play Macbeth was written in 1806 and is the most staged play around the world.

8- The Most Common Name Used in England John Smith

In England, the country of curiosities, the name John Smith is used by more than 30 thousand people. Thousands of people with this name, which is used in almost every family, live in England.

9- Queen Elizabeth Sends Special Birthday Message to People Over 100

In the UK, Queen Elizabeth sends every person over the age of 100 a personalized birthday greeting with a special birthday wish.

10- London Is Not The First Capital Of England

The first capital of England was the city of Winchester. The city of London later became the capital of England. Before London, the city of Winchester was chosen as the capital in 1519.

Apart from the 10 interesting facts mentioned above, England has also witnessed many interesting things. The country that consumes the most tea in the world is England, not China or Turkey. The British are a complete tea addict. The tradition of afternoon tea spread all over the world from the British.

One of the most interesting things about England is that all horses, donkeys and monkeys in England have passports. Another interesting piece of information is that the number of chickens in England is much more than people. Almost 25% of people living in England today have come from other countries. Most recently, the famous British dish, fish and chips, was first opened by a Jew.

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