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How Does the Health System Work in the UK?

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The health systems of the countries affiliated to the European Union are highly developed. One of these countries is England. In our article, we will give information about England’s health system.

The UK ‘s healthcare system is world-leading.

What Does GP Mean?

The concept of GP comes first in the health system in England. It is the abbreviation of General Practicer. In Turkish, it means Practitioner. GP is the UK version of our family doctor. When you move to a new neighborhood in this country, you must register with the GP. For registration you need a document to prove your residence address. In addition, if you are an immigrant, this document is also required for registration in your passport. You may have one or more GP options in each district. You have the option to choose what you want.

The first place patients can go in England is the family doctor, called a GP. It is not possible to go directly to the specialist doctor here. First you need to be examined by the GPs. If these people deem appropriate according to your complaints, they may request a few from you. These are general and simple tests that can be done in their own clinics. Further examinations are not performed in GP centers. Doctors refer you to specialists for further examinations when necessary. They initiate your referral for referral. Your appointment time and day will be sent via mail. The mail for the appointment will arrive in approximately 1-2 weeks after the start of shipment. However, this period may take 3-5 months depending on the intensity of the hospital.

GP clinics and government hospitals in the UK do not pay for any examinations. However, you have to pay a certain amount for each prescription drug at the time of purchasing the drug at the pharmacy. This fee is worth £8.40.

What are the Conditions for Getting Free Medicines in the UK?

  • Those who are treated as inpatients in the hospital,
  • people over 60 years old,
  • pregnant women,
  • Individuals with a valid Maternity Exemption Certificate (MatEX),
  • Those with chronic diseases,
  • Persons with physical disabilities,
  • children under the age of 16,

What Benefits Are Entitled to Free Medicines in the UK?

  • retirement income assistance
  • low income assistance
  • unemployment benefit
  • income assistance

What is Ambulance Number?

The UK ambulance number is 999.

What is the UK Health Advice Hotline?

You do not have a very urgent health problem, but there may be a situation where you are worried about your health. In this case, the health hotline can help you. All you have to do is call this line.

The UK health advice hotline is 111. By calling this number, you can consult professional healthcare professionals about your situation. The health hotline has been created to provide information or advice to individuals.

How Much Do UK Private Hospitals Fees?

Bed costs of private hospitals in England are between 1500-3000 pounds. This price is per night.

The price of a private doctor’s examination in the UK is between £200-250. The price of the treatment to be made varies according to the application to be made.

What Is the National Health Service Known as the NHS?

NHS is short for the phrase National Health Service. Government hospitals and family medicine centers in England are linked to the national health system called the NHS. In addition, these places provide free service.

The NHS national health service is available to all British citizens and foreign nationals with a right of residence in the UK. Also, anyone who has lived in the UK for more than one year has the right to benefit from the NHS system. However, there is no one-year requirement for people with certain qualifications.

Who Are the Persons Who Do Not Apply for the One Year Requirement for NHS Service?

  • Captains and crew members
  • Prisoners
  • Persons with a work permit in the UK
  • Those permanently settled in the UK
  • British pensioners living abroad
  • Royal servants of foreign countries
  • Refugees
  • Persons with European Union citizenship

How Much Do Dental Treatments Cost in the UK?

Not only are dental treatments available free of charge in the UK. Prices vary according to the types of applications to be made. For example, the channel is worth £365 and the bridge is £568. Dental treatment fees in the UK are very high.

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