How Much Are House Prices And Rents In Estonia?

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House purchase prices and rents in Estonia are made in euro, the currency of Estonia. The person who wants to buy a house must first determine the features he wants. People who want to buy or rent a house in Estonia can look for houses with the features they want with a real estate agent or through their websites.

What are the features that people who want to own a house in Estonia are looking for?

The features sought by those who want to buy a house in Estonia vary. These differences vary according to the needs or wishes of those who want to own a house. Some of the features these people want or are looking for include:

  • Having a house of sufficient size for its own needs (such as the number of people to live in)
  • Balcony or terrace request
  • Proximity to public transport
  • Being a pool
  • The house is on the site
  • Owning a social facility
  • Finding an internet network
  • Availability of storage space
  • Availability of elevator

What are the Digital Platforms for Buying or Renting a House in Estonia?

Owning a house in Estonia can be done through digital platforms . With the developing technology, people can buy or rent a house by using technology in the real estate sector. A person who wants to own a house in Estonia can make this rental or purchase through digital platforms. Some of these digital platforms are:

  • Airbnb
  • Booking
  • Erasmusu (a site for students to rent a house)
  • tranio
  • luxuryestate
  • realigro (international rentals can also be made from this site, established by Estonia)

How Much Are House Rentals in Estonia?

House rents in Estonia show serious changes with the competition required by the developing real estate sector and people prefer to rent a house rather than buy a house. People who do not want to buy a house have started to rent houses through websites such as Airbnb. The rate of home purchases in Estonia has decreased by 10% in recent years. The majority of people who prefer to rent a house are tourists and students who come to the country for educational purposes. Some of the features these people look for when renting a house are:

  • cheap rental fee
  • An adequately sized but comfortable rev
  • The state of being close to public transport for transportation
  • a safe environment
  • a peaceful environment
  • The flat to be rented does not need renovation
  • All home documents are official

People who want to rent a house in Estonia usually want to rent in the capital city Tallinn or Tartu. These countries are the most developed big cities of Estonia. House rents increase as they get closer to city centers. At the same time, as the comfort areas expand, house rental prices increase. Some examples of house rents in the capital Tallinn are:

  • For a 1+1 house with elevator and storage space, the rental price on the Erasmus website is 420 euros per month.
  • For a house with 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a terrace and a sauna, the rental price on the Erasmus website is 1400 euros.

Tourists who come to visit Estonia usually rent a house through the Airbnb website. On this site, people can only rent a room together with a house rental. Examples of prices for renting a house or a room in the capital Tallinn on the Airbnb website are:

  • The cost of renting a studio apartment with balcony is 32 euros for one night.
  • The rental fee for a 1+1 house, which is 5 minutes’ walk from the city center, is 41 euros.

Some of the prices for renting houses in Tartu in Estonia are:

  • Rental price per night for a 1+1 penthouse with balcony is 48 euros.
  • The nightly rental price of a 2+1 house close to the city center is 76 euros.

What Are the Prices for Buying a House in Estonia?

The prices of buying a house in Estonia vary according to the wishes of the people. Citizens other than Estonians have to buy houses in large cities or rural areas in order to obtain a residence permit in Estonia. Although buying a house in Estonia is done with real estate consultants, the purchasing process has been moved to the digital platform with the developing technology. People who want to own a house can compare many houses in the same conditions with each other thanks to the internet sites. The most host cities in Estonia are Tartu and the capital city Tallinn. Some examples of home purchase pricing in the capital Tallinn and Tartu include:

  • The selling price of a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom villa with a total area of 385 m 2 in Tallinn is 700,000 euros.
  • The selling price of a 3-bedroom apartment with a total area of 64 m 2 in Tallinn is 128,000 euros.
  • The sale price of a house in Tartu with a total area of 158 m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a terrace is 267,000 euros.
  • The selling price of a 4-bedroom villa with a pool in Tartu with a total area of 398 m 2 is 795,000 euros.

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