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Welcome to our interview series, where we discuss the journeys of moving abroad with our clients. I hope it will be an enlightening and guiding work for you, our valued readers. Without further ado, let’s move on to our interview.


– Mr. Oğuz, can we get to know you briefly?

– I was born in 1979 in Istanbul. I completed my primary and high school education in Istanbul. After my high school education, I entered Anadolu University Social Sciences Institute. I have done many different jobs as I have an entrepreneurial personality such as sales, Photoshop editor, graphic artist, web designer. I started my professional career in Star Newspaper web services. I was interested in web design studies and focused on this field. In 2005, I founded my company, Grifa Agency, which offers creative solutions to individual and corporate customers. We operate in the field of web design, software integrated solutions and mobile applications. I am married and have a daughter.


-Can you tell us about your initiative that enabled you to qualify for an Estonian residence and work permit?

– In the preliminary interview we had with Advist consulting, they asked me if I had an innovative business idea, and I talked about our existing dating application. After the evaluation they made as a team, they stated that the application would not be suitable in its current state and they made a business development within the scope of their consultancy. With the personality test we have added to our dating application, we have gained a purpose that aims to reduce possible separations and divorces in the future.


-Could you share your thoughts about the process with us?

The whole process took about 6 months from the day we started. During the process, I came to the Estonian Consulate in Ankara three times, the last of which was to get my residence and work permit card. We received approval from the project as 4 partners, the only process for us consisted of collecting personal documents such as the scanned passport, biometric photo and CV preparation. Also, as I mentioned, I came to the consulate twice to process, one was to get my E-Residency card for company establishment and the other was to submit my documents for residence and work permit application. Advist carried out all the processes such as writing the business plan, preparing the website, preparing the video and other presentations and submitted it to our approval. In general, I can say that it was a very soft process for us, less tiring than getting a Schengen visa.


-Why did you choose Estonia?

Established with the claim of being the silicon valley of Europe, Estonia is one of the fastest growing countries in the region. For me, it is one of the countries where I enjoy living with both its calmness and nature. It is a great country in terms of tax competition, especially if you want to move your business, it is a really great advantage that no corporate tax is paid unless the dividend is distributed. We also researched the entrepreneurship programs of other countries. Among the options, Estonia was the most suitable application conditions. All arrows were pointing to Estonia, we made the right choice, even when it was impossible to travel to Europe during this pandemic period, I was also pleased to gain free movement by obtaining a residence and work permit. I would like to thank the whole Advist team again.


-We thank you Mr. Oğuz, we enjoyed working with you throughout the process.

We finish our tea and leave the consulate in Ankara. We say goodbye to Oğuz Bey and he gets in his car and sets off for Istanbul. Oğuz Bey, who is soon traveling to Tallinn, is now entrusted to our team there.

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