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Buying a car from abroad and staying in Turkey, legal process

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One of the issues that many people wonder about in our country is buying a car from abroad and what happened in this process. The situations that can be considered positive or negative about buying a car from abroad and bringing it to Turkey are as follows:

Conditions for Bringing a Car from Abroad:

There are some conditions that people who want to bring a car must meet. The first of these is to stay within the borders of another country for at least 185 days. But these 185 days do not have to be uninterrupted. In addition, the person who will buy a car must have a residence permit for the country where the sale will be made. Those who meet these two basic conditions can bring a car, but the car has a period of stay within the borders of our country. In addition, the vehicle you buy must be registered in that country. However, if the person is in a country that is within the scope of the European Union and the European Free Trade Association, he can bring his vehicle to the countries within these agreements other than his place of residence. For citizens who have retired from abroad, 185 days are not required to buy a car.

Day Rule:

When you buy your car from abroad and come to the borders of Turkey, you pass along with your documents. From the time you cross the border, you can use your car in Turkey for 2 years. After this time has expired, you must take it abroad again. You must stay abroad for 185 days as you have seen in the conditions before. During this period, you will be exempt from tax applications related to vehicles in our country, but you must have traffic insurance. If you do not have the opportunity to stay abroad for 185 days after completing 2 years with your car, your vehicle will be towed.

Selling the Car I Bought from Abroad:

You may want to sell the vehicle you brought after meeting the conditions, but it is forbidden to carry out a commercial transaction such as sale. Buying a car abroad can be an affordable option. Those who plan to sell this vehicle to make a profit later on will encounter a negative situation here. Selling and renting the car is prohibited. Also, it is forbidden for anyone other than you to drive the car in Turkey. No transfer of the car can be made.


Persons living abroad should whitewash their personal and vehicle information at the customs gates before they bring their cars into the country. In this process, called pre-declaration, individuals can enter their information via computer or phone at the internet address of sahibinden.com.gtb.gov.tr/Tasit1OnBeyan/. Those who want the same transaction can also do it through the vehicle pre-declaration in the e-Government system. In this way, you will experience convenience during your border crossing process. Pre-declaring the information of the vehicle you bought and yourself will facilitate your customs procedures.

Subject of Power of Attorney:

It is possible for a person residing abroad to enter Turkey with a vehicle registered in the name of another person. This happens with a power of attorney. There are some conditions that must be complied with when it is brought by someone other than the owner of the vehicle by proxy. Both the person bringing the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle must reside outside the Customs Territory of Turkey and stay abroad for 185 days. The power of attorney document is checked during border crossing procedures. Power of attorney approved by the consulate as a power of attorney document, power of attorney approved by official authorities and customs administrations, power of attorney issued by automobile companies with signature and approval, rental contracts for rented vehicles are accepted.

Bringing a Vehicle from Georgia:

There is some information that people residing in Turkey who have not fulfilled the requirement to stay abroad for 185 days can bring a vehicle from Georgia. However, these shares are not accurate and everyone who wants to buy a car from abroad must reside abroad for a certain period of time. It is completely against the Customs Legislation that citizens believe in the views from internet sites or car dealerships. In this way, illegal use will be penalized. In order to obtain the right to bring a car from abroad, it is necessary to be a non-resident of Turkey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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