How Much Are Car Prices in Estonia?

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Car prices in Estonia are divided into two as new and second-hand vehicles, as in every country. Since the euro is used as the currency in Estonia, car pricing is done in euro currency. There have been movements in the automobile market due to the effect of the pandemic in the world. These movements differ for new vehicle purchases and second hand vehicle purchases.

How Much Are Used Car Prices in Estonia?

The used car fee in Estonia varies according to the brand and mileage of the vehicle purchased. There is an increase in wages for high quality brand vehicles. Some of the used car prices and brands for the person who wants to buy a 2016 model vehicle are as follows:

  • The price of a used BMW X5 xDrive40e High Executive M-SPORT EX BTW model vehicle is 34,628 euros.
  • The price of a second-hand BMW 225 Active Tourer model is 19,892 euros.
  • The purchase price of a Porsche Carrera model used car is 71,390 euros.
  • Volkswagen T6 model used car price is 30,920 euros.

Judging by the older models, affordable vehicles can be found. Examples are the following models:

  • The price for a used Opel Insignia Cosmo 2009 model is 2,500 euros.
  • The price for a used Volkswagen Amarok DC Lang 2H 2014 model is 5,000 euros.

The most common used car sales sites for buying used cars in Estonia are:

  • autoline
  • Trucks
  • Carros
  • Mascus

How Much Are New Car Prices in Estonia?

New car prices in Estonia are more expensive than used car prices as in every country. Some of the new vehicles and prices in the country are:

  • The price of a brand new car for the Mercedes-Benz C series is 64,899 euros.
  • The purchase price of a brand new BMW 225 Tourer model is 47,897 euros.

Estonian new vehicle prices are more affordable compared to Turkey, but due to the documents required to bring a vehicle from Estonia to Turkey, it is almost the same price as buying the same vehicle from Turkey. For Estonians, these vehicle prices are normal according to their earnings.

What are Car Purchase Processes in Estonia?

Vehicle purchase processes in Estonia consist of four stages. These stages are:

  • Stage 2: The purchased vehicle is registered with the Estonian municipality. In addition, a road suitability certificate is obtained from the municipality, the validity period of this document is 12 months. Drivers whose time has passed can obtain this document during the vehicle inspection.
  • Stage 2: The insurance record of the vehicle to be purchased is checked. If a vehicle without insurance is purchased, insurance companies are researched and the most suitable insurance company is found. Vehicle insurance periods are usually 1 year.
  • Stage 2: When registering the purchased vehicle with the municipality, identity card or passport, license plate and vehicle license of the previous owner must be provided. It takes approximately 1 month for the new license of the purchased vehicle to be issued. However, in this process, a temporary license is given to the driver by the municipality to use the vehicle.
  • Stage: The last stage is tax procedures. Tax payment must be made on new or used vehicle purchases. The amount of this transaction made by the tax office is 2% of the purchased vehicle. This tax payment of 2% of the vehicle’s price must be paid within two weeks of vehicle purchase.

Although English is widely used in Estonia, the Estonian language is dominant in municipalities and public institutions.

Is Driving License from Turkey Valid for Driving in Estonia?

While driving in Estonia, the Turkish driver’s license is valid for only 6 months. Citizens who want to drive in the country after 6 months must enter and exit Turkey. But this way is difficult, it is more logical to get a new estonian driver’s license from Estonia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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