Life in Estonia

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Estonia is a Baltic state located in the north of the Continent of Europe. It was the first country to leave Soviet Russia in 1991 and print its currency. Estonia occupies an important geopolitical position right on the Baltic Sea coast. Tallinn, the capital of the country with a population of 1.3 million, is home to approximately 500,000 people. Tallinn is the most developed city in the country in terms of its location. Located in the northernmost part of the country, the city draws attention with its proximity to important centers and its transportation network. Frequent trips to Saint Petersburg, one of the largest cities of Russia, by rail and road, and being 4 hours away, being 2 hours away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, by sea, as well as RORO ships that make daily trips to major cities of Norway and Sweden. freight and passenger transport has made the country one of the most important centers in recent years.

While an average of 10,000 people travel between Tallinn and Helsinki a day, it is expected to make a greater development in the next 10 years with the tube crossing project, which will connect the two countries under the Baltic Sea and will have an average cost of 15 billion EURO. The low population density and the developed transportation network make Estonia an attractive place in terms of logistics centers. Estonia, which is one of the free movement zones due to its location in the European Union, also draws attention with its cheap land prices that have the potential to increase in value. In areas such as Nömme, Mustame, Saku, which are very close to the city center, there are lands varying between 3-15 euros per square meter. In addition, although a large young population and workforce have come to the country in the last 10 years, there has been no change in the housing supply. The average residence age in Tallinn, the capital city, varies between 30-40. In Estonia, the average width of the apartments varies between 50-70 m2, as people attach importance to individual life. However, unlike the land prices, the flat prices can reach the 250,000 euro band for 3-rooms, while the general range varies between 70,000-100,000 euros.

Although Estonia has a very large potential, it has started to utilize this potential in the last two years. Taltech and Tallinn University located in Tallinn, Tartu University located in Tartu attract thousands of young people from different parts of the world to the country.
After their student years, a rapid development period was entered with young people employed in billion-dollar software companies such as Skype, Bolt, Transferwise and Playtech. In this context, with the increase in population and demands, many franchise-based companies that were not in the country before are pressured to enter the country.
The first Burger King within the borders of Estonia was opened in Tallinn in May 2020. Many famous brands such as Starbucks, Watsons, Gratis, Popeyes, Sbarro still have not entered the market.

With the program implemented in 2010, the Estonian government has implemented developments that will minimize the bureaucratic obstacles faced by the public in daily life.
In this context, while elections are made online with the blockchain infrastructure; Except for marriage, divorce and real estate sales, all transactions can be handled online with a citizenship or residence card. For example, a person who wants to get a hunting license can complete the necessary procedures within minutes by filling out the information on the system.

Estonia is also a center of attraction in terms of tourism. Due to its proximity to Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, it is one of the frequent destinations of cruise ships. In addition, due to the fact that the northern lights can be seen from the country at certain times of the year, considerable people prefer it.


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