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E-Residency is a digital identity that is implemented by the Estonian government and can be obtained by applying wherever you are in the world. The word e-Residency has been translated into our language as “Electronic Citizenship”. With this program initiated by the Estonian government, it aims to create a transparent, legal and borderless digital community, especially targeting people outside the borders of the European Union. There are more than 62,000 e-Residents worldwide, including popular names such as Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Shinzo Abe (Japanese Prime Minister).

For those who have an E-Residency card, it is possible to establish a company based in Estonia that can move their business within the borders of the European Union within an average of 45 minutes from the computer.

A frequently confused issue is whether the holders of the E-Residency card can have rights such as residence permit, visa exemption, and voting. Card holders can only set up a company. Other than that, they do not have rights such as voting, residence permit, visa exemption.

The main purpose of the e-Residency program is to bring entrepreneurs and investors together with the European Union market. E-Residency card holders can easily perform the following transactions;

  • Establishing a company anywhere in the world,
  • Managing the established company completely online,
  • Possibility of issuing and sending contracts with electronic signature,
  • Access to international payment institutions,
  • Applying to a bank account for business and performing secure electronic banking transactions can be counted.


The advantages of establishing a company in Estonia can be listed as follows;

  • Installation and fee facilities for entrepreneurs,
  • The trust and freedom of trade provided by being a European Union-based company,
  • Tax advantages and predictability, such as not being taxed by the company that does not generate income and invests in it,
  • Transactions can be handled quickly online.

An average of 560 companies established by Turkish citizens operate within the borders of Estonia. In addition, Turkey, along with Russia and Ukraine, is one of the 3 countries that have shown the most interest in the E-Residency program recently and the number of applications has gained momentum.

E-Residency application can be made online. There is a 4-step process on the application page. After personal information, contact information, passport information and brief information about your resume are requested, a photograph and a letter of intent are requested as to why you want to become an E-Resident. E-Residency payments are made online only. After all these stages are completed, you have the opportunity to receive your digital identity from the Embassy of the Republic of Estonia in Ankara within an average of 3-4 weeks.






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