Software and Digitization in Estonia

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Software in Estonia is very important to the country. It is one of the countries that attaches most importance to technology in Europe. Software companies in Estonia are almost more than half of the country. Technological developments in the country and the policies followed by the Estonian government make Estonia a logical country in the field of software.

How the Estonian Government Established Digital Societies

Estonia is a country that has established the most developed of the world’s digital societies . Estonia has experienced a significant digital transformation, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. The digital societies in Estonia are:

  • Electronic voting
  • Online education in schools
  • digital media bureaucracy
  • Digitization in healthcare
  • Online environment in public institutions

Estonian citizens have embraced digital innovations quickly because software investments are reliable, fair and beneficial for all. Estonia’s success in building a digital society is not just about technological innovation.

How is E-government Structured in Estonia?

The infrastructure of the state in Estonia is completely internet-based. Almost all of the services in the state go online. There is a digital structuring in Estonia for the establishment and control of businesses, as well as for the transactions made in social welfare institutions. In health services, digital health records and e-prescription services can be provided thanks to the e-government structuring in Estonia. This situation has benefited the country a lot during the pandemic period. The use of digital ID cards for e-citizenship in Estonia ensures smooth operation of all government-issued facilities. During the covid-19 pandemic in Estonia, the government created a global online hackathon aimed at solving the problems of the pandemic.

How Virtual Classrooms Created in Estonia?

Virtual classrooms in Estonia were created for the digital platform transfer of education in the country. Estonian teachers enjoy all the digital benefits of the country for distance learning. Estonia provided all the materials used for education with a digital infrastructure in 2015. According to the European 2018 PISA test, the most successful youth group in the world belongs to Estonia. It depends on its strategy in technology and software. The internet network is accessible and free of charge in almost all parts of the country. Virtual classrooms in Estonia extend to higher education. Compared to all the countries in the world, Estonia had digital technology and the necessary technological materials long ago. Although there were problems in the field of education all over the world during the pandemic period, Estonia did not have to deal with such big problems.

How Important Is Reliability in the Software Industry in Estonia?

Building trust in software in Estonia is crucial to investing in the country. Estonia’s success in the digital world has been the result of dozens of investments and technological developments. While citizens were developing in the software industry, the Estonian government supported these moves with various laws. Thus, a trust in the citizens has been established by the state in the software sector in Estonia .

How is Data Privacy Made in Estonia?

The privacy of data in Estonia is protected by various laws and regulations of the Estonian government. Estonian citizens have personal data in every area they serve. Since the software industry is a very inclusive field, the state protects these personal rights. They use various software in the country to determine who viewed the personal information and when. Public officials cannot access any data unless absolutely necessary. Various software has been created to give Estonian citizens access to the data they want.

What are the Digitization Steps in Estonia?

Estonia uses very powerful software for digitization . The software industry in Estonia is the most important area that constitutes the country’s infrastructure. The steps of digitization in Estonia are as follows:

  • Various laws have been created by the Estonian government
  • Stabilized the political will of the Estonian government
  • Creating a safe environment for citizens
  • A fair approach to every citizen
  • Personal rights respected

The software industry in Estonia is very developed. In addition, all people in the world can establish a company related to the software industry in this country. When establishing this software company, there is no need for people to come to Estonia due to Estonia’s technological background. After the declaration of Estonian independence, it made very important investments especially in software and technology. Today, Estonia is one of the most important and even the first countries in Europe in software .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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