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What are the average market prices in the UK?

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Living conditions are also very high in European countries. One of these countries is England. In this article, we will provide information about UK market prices and accommodation costs.

The weekly fee for grocery shopping in the UK is between £30-40. On the other hand, this amount varies between 120-160 pounds per month.

What Are The Most Preferred Markets In The UK?

  • LIDL
  • ASDA
  • TOOK

An example of the most preferred markets in the UK is given above.

What is the UK’s Cheapest Store?

The UK’s cheapest store is a place called Poundland. If you want to reduce your grocery expenses, you can choose these stores. Thanks to these places, you can profit from grocery shopping costs.

In Poundland stores, most items are sold at the price of 1 pound. There are many aisles in these places. There are sections such as food and beverage, cosmetics, electronic accessories. Moreover, the price of most products is very cheap compared to Turkey.

What Are the Average Prices of Some Basic Food Products?

Average prices of basic foods in the UK are also listed below. Examples given include some of the staple food products.

  • Milk (1 liter) – 0.93 pounds
  • Red Meat (1kg) – 9.34 pounds
  • Bread (500g) – £1.10
  • Cheese (1kg) – £7.09
  • Eggs (12) – £2.15
  • Water (0.33 liter pet bottle) – 1.00 £
  • Potatoes (1kg) – 1.22 pounds
  • Tomatoes (1kg) – 2.38 pounds
  • Onions (1kg) – 1.15 pounds
  • Rice (1kg) – 1.70 pounds
  • Chicken Breast (1kg) – 6.73 pounds

How Much Are House Rents in London?

House rents in London are quite high. The rent of the rooms shared in a place not located in the city center is 500 pounds per month. Rental fee increases as you get closer to the city center. If you just want to keep a room of your own, you can choose 1-room studio apartments. The monthly rent for these studio apartments starts from £1000. In short, the minimum amount required to rent a room in London is around £500-600. The rents of one-room studio flats are in the range of 1100-1200 pounds per month.

Where Are the Affordable Accommodations in the UK?

  1. hostels

They are the cheapest accommodation in the UK. But it is quite crowded. So it is not comfortable, but it is possible to find good friends.

  1. En-suite Room

These are the places where the bathroom and toilet areas belong to your own room. But here the kitchen is shared with other people.

  1. bedsits

Bedsits accommodation system is the opposite of En-suite room places. In other words, toilet and bathroom areas are shared in common. But the kitchen is included in the room.

  1. Shared Room

They are accommodation places where kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas are shared in common. It is one of the cheapest accommodation in the UK.

  1. Studio Room

These are the rooms in which all of the kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas are located. They are frequently preferred places due to the separateness of all areas.

  1. flat

These are apartments with a number of rooms in the range of 1-3. Apart from the rooms in these apartments, there is a bedroom elsewhere.

What is the Amount of UK Basic Living Expenses Wages?

Most living expenses in the UK are called Utilty. These are monthly expenses such as water, electricity, internet, natural gas, internet and council tax. The total amount of utility expenses per month is approximately 350 pounds.

What are the Average Fees of Utilty Charges?

  • Water bill – 30-40 pounds
  • Council tax – an average of 150 pounds per month.
  • Total value of electricity and gas expenses 100 pounds
  • GSM and internet monthly amount – 40 pounds per month
  • TV license – about 15 pounds

Average amounts of UK Utilty expenses are as stated above.

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