What are the Average Salaries in Estonia?

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Salaries in Estonia are based on the official currency, the euro. Compared to other European countries, the minimum wage is not very high in Estonia. But the average salary is high, in this case it shows the value of the country’s workers. People living in Estonia usually receive their salary at the beginning of the month. Estonia’s minimum wage is 584 euros per month. Average salaries in Estonia vary by industry. At the same time, the average salary they receive increases as employees progress in their careers.

What is the Minimum Wage Amount in Estonia?

In Estonia, the minimum wage was set at 584 euros with the new year. Although Estonia has its own currency, its use is not common.. salary in Estonia Payments are made in euros. Since the literacy rate is more than 99.8% in the country, most of the people living in the country are paid more than the minimum wage. The average salary in Estonia is 1,092.67 euro. In the country, a salary increase of almost 30 to 35 euros is made every year.

What is the Labor Hour in Estonia?

Hours of labor in Estonia are 1879 hours per year. Based on these data, it can be said that Estonia has a lot of hustle and bustle. People living in Estonia show high performance in their business life because they do not like laziness. Thus, the yield will be higher.

What are the Benefits for Working Persons in Estonia?

Opportunities given to workers in Estonia are determined by the state. Benefits for workers in Estonia include:

  • retirement plan
  • Health insurance
  • Required courses
  • career development plan
  • Meal fee

In addition to these benefits, workers often work weekdays and take weekends off. The weekly working time is approximately 40 hours. Usually, employees do not work overtime, but there may be exceptional circumstances. In Estonia, most employees have a break of 30 minutes during the lunch break.

What Jobs Pay How Much in Estonia?

Salaries for professions in Estonia differ from each other. The most popular cities to find employment in Estonia are large and developed cities such as the capital city Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Parnu and Kohtla-Jarve. Some of the salaries received by professionals in Estonia are:

  • An accountant in Estonia earns an average salary of 1387 euros.
  • A secretary in Estonia earns an average salary of 987 euros.
  • The average salary for a farmer in Estonia is 818 euro.
  • A car salesman in Estonia receives a salary of 1789 euros.
  • An engineer in Estonia earns an average salary of 2608 euros.
  • An architect in Estonia earns an average salary of 2247 euros.
  • A photomodel earns an average salary of 1429 euros in Estonia.
  • The average salary for a teacher in Estonia is 1928 euro.
  • The average monthly salary for a translator in Estonia is 1692 euros.
  • In Estonia, a pediatrician earns an average salary of 5701 euros per month.
  • A nurse in Estonia earns an average monthly salary of 2275 euros.
  • A lawyer in Estonia earns an average monthly salary of 3357 euros.
  • In Estonia, a waiter earns an average of 902 euros per month.

The rate at which salaries change as occupations change in Estonia varies widely. Almost everyone in Estonia earns more than the minimum wage because the number of people studying in the country is high. Although rare, workers who are asked to work overtime receive their wages in return for the days they work.

How to Calculate Average Salary in Estonia

Average salary calculation in Estonia is based on net and gross salary. Gross salary is the total wage including taxes, insurance and deductions. Net salary is the amount received by the worker after deducting these deductions, insurance premiums or income tax from the payroll. In Estonia, the minimum wage is given as a net salary, meaning that people receive 584 euros. People working in Estonia also receive a salary on their days off. Business owners cannot make any salary deductions from their employees by saying that they do not work on weekends or do not work on public holidays. Average salaries in Estonia are given to workers accordingly.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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