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The average salary in Estonia is calculated on the minimum wage. The minimum salary in Estonia is 584 euro. Since Estonians are a highly literate society, the average salary of people in Estonia is 1,092.67 euros after withholding and taxes are applied. There is an increase of approximately 11.6% each year in the country. Average salaries in Estonia vary according to one’s occupation.

What is the Minimum Wage in Estonia?

The minimum wage in Estonia for 2021 has been determined by the Estonian state as 584 euros. Working citizens are often paid more than the minimum wage. This is related to the education level and technological development of the country. People who want a high average salary should find employment opportunities in Estonia, usually in Tartu or the capital city of Tallinn. These cities are large and developed cities.

What is the Distribution of the Minimum Wage in Estonia by Years?

The rates of the minimum wage in Estonia vary from year to year. Salary payments are made in euros, as the official currency of the Estonian state is the euro. The minimum wage distribution by years in Estonia is as follows:

  • The minimum wage in 2013 is 320 euros.
  • The minimum wage in 2014 is 355 euros.
  • The minimum wage in 2015 is 390 euros.
  • The minimum wage in 2016 is 430 euros
  • The minimum wage in 2017 is 470 euros.
  • The minimum wage in 2018 is 500 euro.

The minimum wage for 2021 is 584 euros.

What is the Average Salary for Engineers in Estonia?

The average salaries of engineers in Estonia vary in relation to which engineering major they have. In Estonia, engineers are paid high average salaries as a starting salary. Software engineering is the highest paid engineering branch in the country. The fact that Estonia is a country that attaches importance to technological developments is a very important factor in this case. Computer software engineers in Estonia average 96,067 euros per year. The average annual salary for a new software engineer is 84,670 euros. An electrical engineer in Estonia earns an average annual salary of 86,674 euros. A newly hired electrical engineer earns an average annual salary of 58,984 euros.

How Does Estonia’s Unemployment and Inflation Rate Affect Salaries?

Unemployment and inflation rate in Estonia are interrelated. While the inflation rate is the increase in the price of goods and services, the unemployment rate is the sum of the labor force of the unemployed people in the economy. Estonia is a country with a population of 1.3 million. The inflation rate in the country is 2.3%. This situation is very good for people living in Estonia. In a country with a low inflation rate, the level of development increases. Thus, it can be said that the amount of average salaries in Estonia today is favorable to the inflation rate in the country. The unemployment rate in Estonia is 4.5%. This rate is less than the European Union average unemployment rate of 6.9%. Estonian citizens do not like laziness and the development of the country can be easily understood from the unemployment rate. This low unemployment rate has a positive impact on average wages in Estonia. The low unemployment rate increases the average salary of Estonian citizens.

What is the Labor Hour in Estonia?

The labor time in Estonia is 1879 hours per year. This hour of labor means more hours of work than in most countries. Although working hours are heavy in Estonia, working conditions are flexible. In Estonia, people get paid for their hard work in their salaries. An example of comfortable working conditions in Estonia, where labor hours are high, can be given as having both working and postgraduate citizens.

What Are the Expenditures for Living in Estonia?

Although the minimum wage does not seem to be sufficient for living expenses in Estonia, if the average average salaries of the employees are considered, it can be said that the average salaries in Estonia are sufficient. Judging by the monthly rental prices, market prices, and other expenditures in Estonia, it can be said that the average salary in Estonia is favorable for the living standards in the country.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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