What is Estonian Digital Nomad Visa?

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Estonia , which has made large investments in technology and put into effect its entrepreneurship programs in recent years, has announced another innovation in this regard.

Under the Digital Nomad Visa;

It has been stated that as of August 1, 2020, those who are called remote workers and carry out their work activities by working remotely can obtain a Type C (Short Term) or Type D (Long Term) visa if they meet the necessary conditions.

The requirements for obtaining a visa are:

  • Freedom to work independently of a particular location
  • A valid employment contract with a company outside of Estonia, owning a company outside of Estonia, or working as a self-employed person for clients outside of Estonia
  • Documenting your financial situation in the last 6 months according to legal requirements

(Minimum monthly gross 3504€)

  • Consular application fee: Type C – 80 € | Type D – 100 €

Applications are made to the nearest Estonian consulate and are finalized within an average of 30 days.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia; It was at the top of the list of “Best cities for remote workers” prepared by Big7Travel, which includes only 50 cities.

The reason why the city takes the lead in this area is; Average rental prices, low living costs, location within the EU and Digital Nomad Visa program were shown.





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