10 Must-See Places in England

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I will try to explain for those who want to visit 10 must-see places in England, which has many cultures and history.

10 must-see places in England open the door to a very different geography with very different cultures in terms of history. England, which was founded on the British Isle and has witnessed and has witnessed many civilizations, opens its doors to millions of tourists every year who want to spend a good and pleasant time with this beautiful history.

If we talk about the history of England, it covers the south and middle part of Britain. This country is also called “the country where the sun never sets” because it has many colonies. Due to the cultures that it witnessed many times in its time, it includes people from many races.

What are the 10 Must-See Places in England?

What are the must-see places in England? I will try to explain these places to you in order.

  1. Stonehenge

As one of the regions at the top of the tours in England, Stonehenge is the center of attention of all tourists with its ancient structures. This place is home to the very largest ancient monument in England. It is also among the most popular centers in the world. It is always a place that everyone wants to see, with a magnificent cultural and ancient structure that you will definitely want to see.

  1. London

In our world, there are wonderful places to visit in every country. London is one of them. It is the most beautiful touristic city in England and even in the world, with its red buses, black taxis, telephone booths and very beautiful architecture, which is the owner of a deep-rooted civilization, like a country on its own.

  1. The City Of Bath

It is bought from the porters in the city of Bath, located in the south west of England. Concierge discovery; It comes from the time of the Roman empire. Passing through the middle of the city; Bath is the most beautiful city in England with its calm river, historical buildings, lush nature, pearly-lined buildings, immaculately organized streets and happy people playing music in every corner.

  1. Cambridge University

The Cambridge region, which hosts many fairs and festivals, opens its doors to every visitor with its unique landscapes and historical school buildings. Every person who visits Cambridge University decides to study and go to schools.

  1. Lake District National Park

Covering an area of nine hundred square miles in England, the mountain region that is found all over the lake shows a blue picture where green meets. Many beautiful landscapes are located in parts of the lake. Thanks to its very fresh air, the Lake District National Park, which you should definitely see when you go on vacation, has been accepted as a national park .

  1. Eden Project (Heaven project)

Eden Project, which is a place that people who are interested in plants will love and even love, is the region where plants come from millions of different roots. Eden Project, which contains hundreds of thousands of plant varieties from all over the world, hosts tourists from all over the world.

  1. Oxford

Oxford; It is known as the city of colleges. It has the oldest university in the world. England. It is the second city to visit. Colleges open their doors to all tourists with their historical buildings and museums.

  1. Liverpool

It is the city where the football team and the Beatles were born. Under the notorious name of the Medieval Commercial Harbor City of Liverpool, it is on the Unesco World Heritage list.

  1. Manchester

Manchester, the most famous football team that comes to mind first, is a very compact and enjoyable city to visit. It has a very developed economy.

  1. Bibury

The most beautiful village in England is Bibury . If you want to find yourself in the middle of nature, you should definitely visit this village.

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