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5 advantages of buying real estate in Greece

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Greece draws attention both with its proximity to our country and the opportunities it offers in the real estate field. Those who want to buy real estate in Greece benefit from many advantages with the Golden Visa application. Those who are considering investing and also those who like to spend time abroad can benefit from these advantages. Greece, which is close to the Turkish people not only geographically but also culturally, has become one of the good options for investing with Golden Visa in recent years. 5 advantages for those who want to buy real estate in Greece are as follows:

Golden Visa Opportunity:

Greece has developed a program called Golden Visa during the bad economic process it has been going through in recent years. Within the scope of this application, a five-year residence permit is given to the buyer in some real estates purchased from Greece. The real estate purchased must have a value of 250 thousand Euros or more. Your residence permit is renewed every five years as long as you do not dispose of the real estate. As a result, you both own real estate in Greece and you can enter and exit without a visa as you wish.

This opportunity does not only apply to real estate investments. There are also different options for those who want to make commercial investments. Again, those who want to establish a business, open a branch abroad, or make a venture for at least 250,000 Euros can benefit from the Golden Visa. It is a very useful application for those who want to open their company abroad but not go too far.

Real Estate Market and Rent:

Due to the economic crisis Greece experienced, many of its markets lost value. The real estate market, whose value fell between 2008 and 2017, is one of them. But after 2017, the real estate market is on the rise in the charts. It is seen as one of the markets that are suitable for buying a house. Greece is the right address to buy real estate so that your investment will make a profit. In addition, you can rent the real estate you bought as soon as you receive the title deed. In this way, you increase your monthly income. The type of real estate you buy is entirely up to you. It doesn’t matter whether it is a shop, a summer house by the sea, an office or an empty field for the workplace. While spending 250,000 Euros, you can buy not a single real estate, but more than one house, land or garden, which will total at least 250 thousand Euros.

Family Investment:

With the aforementioned Golden Visa facility, not only the owner of the house, but also his first-degree relatives can benefit from the residence permit. By buying real estate in Greece , you are making an investment for your family. Your spouse and your children up to the age of 21, your parents, your spouse’s mother and father have a five-year residence permit. You can enter Greece, which is very close to Turkey, whenever you want.

Field of Education:

If you want to take advantage of the opportunities abroad for education, you can have your child study in Greece with the residence permit you have. Here, we come across two options: public schools that provide education in Greek and private schools that provide education at international level. These private schools can implement the education systems of different countries, and such schools carry out many activities in the social field. Young people up to the age of 21 can benefit from the Golden Visa, so they can study until university. In universities, education, book and food expenses are covered by the state. After the completion of university education, a work permit is provided to foreign students for a short time. It can also be seen as a step on the way to other countries for those who want to work and live in Europe.

Ticket from Greece to Europe:

Traveling to European countries and getting to know their cultures is a dream of many. The residence permit obtained by purchasing real estate in Greece can be used for visa-free travel in other European countries. Since Greece is a member of the European Union and is also located in the Schengen area, you can visit 26 European countries in this area as you wish. You and your family members benefiting from the Golden Visa visa can enter the country you want without obtaining a Schengen visa.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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