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Nearby Countries to Visit for UK Residents

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Traveling has become much easier with advanced transportation conditions. In this article, we will tell you the countries that people who live in the UK and want to travel can go to.

England is the largest and central country of the 4 island country, which is called the united kingdom in Western Europe. When it comes to nearby countries that can be visited for those living in England, the first thing that comes to mind is the island countries around it. With a population of approximately 55 million people, England forms the United Kingdom with its surrounding Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Transportation is naturally easy and trouble-free in these islands, where peoples have close relations with each other and even have relatives.

England and Other Island Countries

England is administratively ahead of the other 3 island states. In other words, England operates as the administrative unit of the other three states. In the United Kingdom, which is completely dominated by England in domestic and foreign policies, transactions such as passports and visas are not used for visits. UK citizens can travel the entire united kingdom region without any problems. In the United Kingdom, where road and railroad are common, you only need to use the sea route to reach Ireland. Ireland, which is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom, is not connected to them by land borders, unlike the other three countries. This country, which is a separate island in the west of the three countries, is one of the closest countries to visit for those living in England, with its approximately 5 million population and its location as a cute island country.

Places for UK Residents to Visit in Other Island Countries

  1. Scotland

Among the places that the people living in England can visit in the island countries , the striking places in Scotland come to mind. Being overshadowed by its neighbor England for many years, this beautiful city, which has not been known for many years, but has recently received the necessary value, is at the forefront with its magnificent culture and traditions as well as ancient castles, volcanic remains, railways with magnificent views through the mountains, bridges and historical artifacts. St Andrews Cathedral, Whiskey Mills, Edinburgh Architecture, Loch Lamond, Isle of Skye and the Callanish Stones are just some of the unique sights you can see.

  1. Wales

Cardiff, the capital of this small country located on the western border of England, stands out with its cuteness.

  1. Ireland

This country, which is one of the must-see countries with its beautiful nature, magnificent history, ancient architecture and historical ruins, comes to the fore with the abundance of places to visit. You can stop by the Guinness Storehouse for the first time in this rare country that contains all the shades of greenery. You do not want to come to this country, which has come to the fore with its beers in its history, and return without seeing the brewing process. Menlo castle, Lynch castle, Dublin castle, Blackrock castle, Eyre castle, Galway cathedral, Galway City museum, Glasnevin museum, Cork Butter museum are rare architectures that should be seen.

Powerscourt waterfall, Coole park, Phoenix park and Lee river stand out with their natural beauties among the places that UK residents can visit in the island countries .

Traveling to European Union Countries by Residents of England

As we mentioned above, England is located in the west of Europe. Until the UK left the European Union in the second half of last year, it was easy for UK residents to travel to any country in Europe they wanted. After the convenience provided as a result of the agreement of the European Union countries, the citizens of the European Union are not asked for a visa while crossing the borders. However, after the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, a visa application will be introduced to UK citizens and naturally UK citizens. After this application, it seems that it will be a little more difficult for those living in England to travel to European Union countries .

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