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Electronics Prices in the UK

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England Also, electronic equipment prices are expensive when compared to Turkey. Because the value of the Turkish lira is considerably less than against the pound.

Although the prices of electronic devices in England are suitable for the lifestyle in England , they are extremely high for a Turkish earning TL. Therefore, there is no such thing as making electronic shopping there and getting it cheap. Compared to Turkey, the cheapest market is Poundland, where everything is sold for 1 Pound. In general, party decorations, electronic accessories, cosmetics and beverages such as tea and coffee are very cheap here. Acquaintances from abroad usually bring them to you by shopping at these cheap markets.

Electronic devices are quite expensive. You do not have a chance to buy products of brands such as Apple cheaper. You can see that many products are sold at high prices due to the pound being more expensive than the euro and dollar. There are brokerage firms where you can order the product you like from the UK, pay the difference, and buy it by shipping.

If you want to buy something without going too far on your trip to England, we recommend that you do not get into electronics. However, in exceptional cases, you will find more economical products.

Chain Stores

In general, shopping in chain stores is economical. Especially in stores such as Primark, it is possible to find many products much cheaper than in Turkey. Shopping in the UK It is possible to meet a wide range of daily needs from markets such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose. In addition to these stores, you can find many options where you will find electronic products and attract attention with their high prices.


Argos, which is one of the most important stores in electronic shopping, is also quite remarkable in its internet store. Since UK electronics stores operate at very high prices, your expenses will increase significantly. The site, which has a wide range of products from camping equipment to electronic tools, draws attention as a site similar to Git goes. Argos is a shopping style preferred by many people. Therefore, you can have a safe shopping opportunity.

Tottenham Court Road Stores

Thanks to these stores, which are the first choice of many people, you can find electronic products in a short time. You can find electronic products and equipment that are not available in many places in our country. However, you can meet with heights that will exceed your expectations in terms of price. You can have a pleasant time by visiting different shops on this street.


Some of these products, which are very popular in electronic shopping in the UK , attract attention with their very affordable prices. When you need to find a solution for shopping, you can order many different product types from this store. You can find cameras, smartphones, home theater systems and many similar electronic products. You can also get different models of world famous brands.


You can also shop at Dixons, which has many stores across Ireland and the UK. By choosing the products of the brand, which has a safe product range, you can obtain all kinds of products you need. By using the UK electronic product range, you can always find the product of the quality and features you want. But the prices will be extremely high. If you find the products to add to your shopping cart at an affordable dose, you can also visit the open markets with different styles. You may be able to find a large variety of products in open markets.


In Ryness, which has a wide variety known as home electronics products, you can find different brands of the products you are looking for at many different prices. When you want to get the products that will be delivered on order in a few days, you can complete your shopping without much difficulty. You can also easily obtain the home electronics group that draws attention with models such as lighting products.


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