5 Reasons to Move to Estonia

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The reasons for moving to Estonia are based on the fact that Estonia is a developed country. Estonia is a small and peaceful country located in Northern Europe. Today, Estonia has laid the foundations of digitalization for the world that will experience a full digitalization process in the future. In line with these features, 5 important reasons to move to Estonia are as follows:

  • Free Public Transport Opportunity: The free public transport project in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is for the benefit of Estonian citizens. Although it is valid only in Tallinn today, the project is trying to spread to the whole country. With public transportation being free, citizens spend more on weekends. Thus, the economy of the domestic market in the country is revived. The fact that public transportation is free has also increased the number of applicants for citizenship from the country. Thanks to this situation, the Estonian state has made a significant contribution to its treasury. Only Estonian citizens and students who come to study can benefit from free transportation in the country. People who come with a touristic trip must pay a certain fee.
  • High Tech Opportunity: The Estonian government thinks that the future is all about technology. Because of this situation, the country attaches great importance to technological developments and the software industry. Trainings including high-tech information are given in the country. Most schools have switched to distance education before the pandemic period. High technology education in Estonia at a very early age is an important reason to move to Estonia .
  • E-citizenship Opportunity: The first condition for establishing any business in the country is to obtain e-citizenship. E-citizenship is a digital identity valid in the country. Thanks to e-citizenship, the Estonian government keeps all the information of its citizens on digital platforms. Thus, citizens can do their financial affairs, tax affairs, health checks and many government-related affairs over the internet. Thanks to this digital platform, citizens do not need to go to the government office and wait for a long time. Thanks to this digital identity, even government elections are held online. Although citizens did not like to have all business online at first, the Estonian government won the public’s appreciation for its transparency and reliability. No one can view their personal data unless citizens ask for it. However, the sections that people allow can be viewed. In the elections on the digital platform, the electoral system is protected impartially.
  • Special Tax System Opportunity for Entrepreneurs: People who gain e-citizenship in Estonia and want to start a business afterwards do not have to buy real estate as in other countries. Entrepreneurs can invest in the country with a figure of 2,500 euro by establishing a limited company. In addition, this money does not need to be in the establishment of the company, it can be paid within one year of the work. The tax rate set by the Estonian government on investing in entrepreneurs is 20%, and this rate is fixed. In Estonia, if the money earned is kept in the company and used again as an investor, then the tax rate is zero. There is almost no bureaux in Estonia. Entrepreneurs can establish a company on the internet in almost 15 minutes and create a tax declaration on the internet in 3 minutes.
  • Cultural Development: Estonian citizens are very open to innovations as well as being a society that is very attached to its traditions. Many ethnicities are seen in the population of the country. These ethnicities are German, Finnish, Russian, Estonian and citizens from other countries. More than half of the country’s population is made up of women. Women play a serious role in business life in Estonia, as women live about 10 years longer than men. The fact that the job opportunities in the country are suitable for women can also explain the weight of women in the workforce. The fact that the female population is higher in business life is unmatched in any country in the world. One reason to move to Estonia is that the literacy rate in the country is 99.9%. The increase in the number of literate people plays a serious role in the economy of the country.

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