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Countries Granting Citizenship Through Investment Abroad

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Countries that give citizenship on condition of investment are very advantageous for people who are considering moving abroad. The amount of real estate determined by the government is purchased for citizenship by investment or used as capital to start a business. Countries where citizenship can be obtained in this way abroad are as follows:


Those who want to obtain Greek citizenship should invest 250 thousand Euros under the Golden Visa. A real estate purchased at this value is bought or a company is established. With this application, you will have a 5-year residence permit. You can renew your residence permit as long as you don’t let go of the real estate you bought. In addition, your family members can also benefit from the citizenship obtained as a result of this investment. You can also travel to other European countries as Greece is also in the European Union.


With the Dominica citizenship program, you can obtain citizenship in a few months and travel the world. It is one of the most financially viable programs that provide citizenship by investment. It is necessary to donate 100 thousand dollars to the state or to buy a property worth 200 thousand dollars. Once this condition is met, a Dominica passport can be obtained. Your residence permit can also be transferred to your family members. By obtaining citizenship in Dominica, you can enter and exit more than 130 countries without a visa.


Canada was actually among the countries that granted citizenship only on investment condition until 2014. This practice has ended, but it is still possible to obtain Canadian citizenship through entrepreneurial investments. People who make a start-up-style investment of 617 thousand dollars can still benefit from obtaining citizenship with the investment.


The Caribbean is one of the countries that provide citizenship by investment and is also cheaper than other investment programs. Due to the natural disaster in St Kitts and Nevis regions, the state needs foreign investors. Citizenship is granted on the condition of donating 150 thousand dollars to the aid funds of these regions. There is no residency requirement in this investment program. With Caribbean citizenship, it is possible to travel to the European Union and Schengen countries without a visa.


The Maltese government is one of the other states that grant citizenship by investment and donation. Maltese citizenship is obtained by donating 650 thousand Euros, investing 150 thousand Euros and finally purchasing real estate worth 350 thousand Euros. There are other investment programs within the scope of the Individual Investor Program. Foreigners can choose the program that suits their economic situation and apply.

United States of America:

Those who prefer the investment path to obtain a residence permit in the USA are generally wealthy businessmen. Due to economic relations, especially wealthy Chinese businessmen get citizenship from America with money. They invest between $500,000 and $1 million for purchased EB-5 US visas. At the end of this investment, they become green card holders. Green card holders are also eligible for an American passport. Thus, they can enjoy the rights offered by the American passport.


The UK provides citizenship through investment in British companies or British treasury bills. British citizenship can be obtained by investing at least £2 million in companies or bonds. How long the investments, which can be made up to £10 million, should be kept in companies or bonds depends on the amount of the investment. It is sufficient to keep the investment in companies for 5 years in investments of 2 million pounds and for 2 years in investments of 10 million pounds. If the investor gives up and withdraws his investment before this period expires, the visa right will expire. Investors who want to obtain a permanent residence permit must reside in the UK for 3 to 5 years.

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