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Considerations when buying real estate in Europe

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People who want to invest or live abroad search for house prices, especially in European countries. The idea of buying a house abroad is one of the most important investments people make in the future. Today, granting a residence permit in Europe in exchange for the purchase of real estate in Europe leads people to make their investments in real estate. There are some points to consider when purchasing real estate from abroad. These important points are:

  • Researching the Country: The country should be thoroughly researched before buying real estate for living or investment purposes abroad. Research should be conducted on information such as the country’s economic situation, interest or tax rates, unemployment status. It should be checked whether the daily life of the country is suitable for the quality of life of the people. These investments should be made by looking at the cultural structure and family structure of the people of the country. If possible, it is recommended to visit the region in advance before purchasing investment property in the country.
  • Real Estate Market Information: People should thoroughly research the real estate market for real estate that is desired to be bought for living abroad or for investment purposes. Housing for sale and rental housing prices in the country should be researched in advance and information should be obtained about the area to be invested. Generally, real estate prices in countries may vary from state to state. Therefore, local developments should be followed. Before making a real estate investment in the country, it is necessary to have information about the housing taxes in the country.
  • Price Research: People who want to buy real estate to live or invest abroad should do a good price research. In order to make a real estate investment with a good price and a right location in the country, a good price research should be done before purchasing. First of all, people need to determine their housing characteristics. Then they need to determine a budget that fits these characteristics. After determining the properties of the house to be purchased according to the determined budget, information about a certain average price can be obtained from the real estate sites in the country. The most important point for people who want to buy real estate in Europe is the economy of the country. Real estate investment should be made from a country with a good economy.
  • Working with an Agency: If people who want to invest in real estate abroad do not have much information about the country they want to invest in, they can work with an agency who knows the country well and knows the project of the house to be built in the country. There are many agencies working for real estate investment abroad in Turkey. As a result of the necessary research, people can work with an agency that has an affordable budget and knows its business.
  • Residence Location: The location of the residences purchased by people who live abroad or purchase real estate for investment purposes from abroad is very important. In order for the real estates for this investment to gain value, it should be preferred that they are close to public transportation and the airport. A residence located in the center of the country is a good investment in the future, it will earn people a lot over the years. Sufficient information should be collected in the region for real estate investments that can be made in the country. People who want to invest abroad should especially gather information about whether there will be a growth or development in the near future.
  • European Union Citizenship: In real estate investments made abroad, especially in European countries, more than a certain amount, people have a residence permit belonging to the country. If this residence permit is obtained by the countries that are members of the European Union, the people who invest in real estate acquire European Union citizenship. People who buy real estate in Europe have the right to citizenship. Thus, they can travel between European countries without a visa or easily enter the European trade market.

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