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Living and Living Conditions in Germany

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Those who plan to go to a foreign country have to think about many details such as business life, learning a language or educational conditions. Life in Germany is one of the topics that those who are considering settling abroad wonder about. From everyday life to job opportunities, the following can be said about the conditions of life in Germany:

Life conditions:

Compared to other European states, Germany is one of the countries with a strong economy and policy. In terms of language, the state offers many opportunities to foreigners to learn German. Business life brings competition along with opportunities. Life in Germany has a multicultural structure. Especially big cities like Munich are among the most livable places within European standards besides their cultural diversity. We can say that living standards are both economically and socially high.

Education system:

In the German education system, children have to go to school for 9 years, this figure may vary according to the states. Education in public schools is provided free of charge. State school systems differ, mostly children 4. He starts middle school after the first grade. Depending on his secondary school preference, he can take different courses. After high school education, transition to university is made with an exam. Each state has bilingual schools, technical and vocational high schools, and special education schools. There are also private schools where paid education can be seen. Vocational education is given great importance in the education system.

Finding a job:

Conditions for finding a job is a matter of curiosity for Germany as well as for many countries. About life in Germany , work permits and business life are especially important for foreigners. If you do not come from a country that is a member of the European Union, you must obtain a work permit. Those who have a work permit can apply for jobs suitable for their profession by following the current postings. You can also get information about the profession with the help of the vocational information center in the employment agency. If you receive professional counseling services, they will help you direct your career. You can choose to be a part time or freelancer earning a maximum of 450 Euros per month.

Daily life:

You can do nature walks or cultural activities in your free time in daily life. In Community Centers, courses are given in many fields for adults. You can go to courses according to the hobby you want to develop. Apart from this, places such as butchers and bakeries are generally open between 7 am and 6 pm in daily life, while supermarkets can stay open until 8 pm. In general, it is quite easy to reach a place, and people prefer to use a bicycle to go to work or school.

Learn language:

It is an advantageous country to learn many languages, especially German. Since Germany receives immigration from other countries, there is a multilingual social environment. There are counseling centers to support foreigners in multilingual education. Language support programs, support lessons or preparatory courses are given to help children learn German more easily. It is very important to learn German, especially for children of school age. He learns languages by applying to counseling centers so that he can complete his social development and communicate with people.

Employee Rights:

Those who continue their business life in this country benefit from the employee rights provided by the government. Besides living conditions, working conditions are also very important in Germany . In Germany, you receive a salary according to the tax class you belong to, so the tax paid from your salary is also different. If you work five days a week, you have the right to at least 20 days off per year, and if you work six days a week, you have the right to at least 24 days off. A trial period of six months is generally applied to workplaces. At the end of this period, the employer can hire or fire you. If you are not working and want to receive unemployment benefits, you must have paid 12 months of your unemployment insurance in the last two years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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