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Festivals in England

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There are many festivals you can attend in the UK. You can have the opportunity to participate in many different festivals depending on the time you are here.

Students and vacationers who want to study in the UK are doing research on festivals in the UK. You can attend all the festivals of England, which has many festivals from time to time. In London, one of the most popular cities in Europe, the number of festivals that students can attend is quite high. You will not forget the festivals you will attend in England, a country rich in carnivals and festivals. You can have an unforgettable memory by participating in different organizations. You can decide on the festivals according to the time you will go to England, where the entertainment life is fast and has many different events.

Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival, one of the most popular festivals in the UK and first started by an anti-racist group, is the largest carnival in Europe. Notting Hill Carnival, one of the biggest street carnivals in the world after the Rio carnival, is held in the last week of August. Especially those who like African music culture can attend this carnival that lasts for three days. At the same time, you can see the local Caribbean costumes at this carnival. Participation in this carnival held in August is quite high. Those who want to participate in this festival should apply by taking into account the warnings of the municipalities.

Diwali Festival

The Diwali festival, which is a festival where the Indians welcome the new year, means the Festival of Lights in Turkish. During the festival, people decorate their homes with lights. However, fireworks are thrown from the balconies later in the night. According to Indian belief, Indian gods enter the house they like. However, according to belief, the Indian gods protect this house for a year. This festival is held according to the lunar calendar. That is why it is celebrated on a different date every year. You can participate in this festival by learning the history beforehand. Among the festivals held in England, you can find the opportunity to attend the festival that appeals to you the most.

Chelsea Flower Show

Held every year in May, this festival, which is also held in the Chelsea district, is one of the biggest flower festivals. Participation in this festival is provided from all over the world. By participating in this festival, you can have the opportunity to see the most beautiful flower gardens. You can also have the opportunity to see plants from all over the world.

Thamek Festival

The Thamek festival, held at the Waterloo Bridge, the most frequented place for tourists, and held every September, is among the most famous festivals in London. Dance performances are held at the festival, which is quite spectacular and has many different activities. At the same time, light plays and acrobatic shows are also performed in this festival. In this festival, which is attended by people from all over the world, a market is also established where different products are sold.

Chinese New Year Celebration

The Chinese also celebrate the New Year every year. Celebrated in February, this festival is among the festivals with a very high participation rate. In this festival, you can catch the opportunity to see many breezes from the Chinese culture. If you come across this festival, you should definitely attend. It is one of the most popular festivals in London .

Guy Fawkes Night

Celebrated as Guy Fawkes commemoration night, famous for the movie V For Vendetta, this festival is celebrated on November 5. Celebrated by the people of London on 5 November every year, this festival is celebrated with fireworks. Londoners gather in front of the parliament building and sing together the song sung in this movie. If you have been to London during this period, you can definitely attend this festival. Among the festivals you can attend in London are many festivals. You can attend any festival you want, depending on the time you are here.



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