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Government Aids for Those Who Moved to Different Countries Abroad

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There are many states that provide assistance to their citizens in the understanding of social state. State aids in different countries can be listed as follows.


Kindergeld One of the aids given in Germany under the name of the state is the monetary aid given by the state for children who do not work until they reach the age of 18. At the same time, the benefit can be extended up to the age of 21. Child benefit is 204 Euro per month for the first and second child and this figure increases as the number of children increases. It costs 210 € for the third child and 235 € for the fourth. Applicant parents must reside in Germany. The child in question must also be living in the family home. In some special cases, children living in countries such as Turkey that have an agreement on social security also benefit from this benefit. Individuals wishing to apply must settle in Germany if they are citizens of a non-EU state. Non-EU citizens who have obtained a residence permit to study at university or to complete their vocational training cannot receive child benefits. Elterngeld assistance is also only available to parents who can work part-time. The parental allowance is valid for one year after the child is born. While receiving this benefit, it is possible to work a maximum of 30 hours per week.

United Kingdom:

The UK Government makes social assistance payments to low-income, unemployed people living in the country under the general loan name. For this support, which is applied to people who cannot afford their living expenses, it is necessary to be over the age of 18 and younger than the retirement age. Having savings of £16,000 or less and living in the UK are among the conditions. The amount of money given with the help of the General Loan varies according to the circumstances of the family and life. The payment method is £342.72 for single people under 25 years old, and £409.89 for single people over 25 years old. For couples under 25, it is £488.59 per person.


Canada’s social support to newcomers and refugees is one of the best examples of government aid in different countries . By applying to a settlement office, help can be obtained to settle in the country, to have a house, to have a job, to find a babysitter. There are many opportunities for families in Canada for newcomers and refugees, from enrolling your children in school to teaching languages.


Citizens who have no job, no income and no property will be able to benefit from the aid to the poor, which is one of the aid programs implemented in Italy. The amount of the aid is 9 thousand 360 Euros per year, which corresponds to 780 Euros per month. Apart from this, rent assistance in the amount of 280 Euro is also given. For families with only one child and no income, 1080 Euros will be provided by the state. Likewise, 1280 Euro assistance is provided for families with three children who have no income. If you want to receive 280 Euro Rental assistance, you must not have a house. Those who have more than 6,000 savings in the bank for singles and more than 8,000 for married people will not be able to benefit from the assistance. In addition, non-EU immigrants must have lived in Italy for at least ten years in order to benefit from this assistance.


Maternity premium is the premium given by the French government from the last days of pregnancy, depending on the birth of a child. A pregnancy report must be obtained to apply for this report. For the first child application, if only one person in the family is working, the income must be less than 34 thousand 819 Euros, and if the mother and father are working, it must be less than 46 thousand Euros. For each child born, 923 Euros of support can be obtained. Payment starts from the second month of pregnancy. Similar assistance is provided by the French state in post-natal and child adoption cases.


In the Netherlands, many aids provided by the state to those in need within the scope of the Social Affairs Attaché are examples of state aid in different countries . The AOW consists of benefits such as old-age pension, forgotten pension, Anw survivor benefit, incapacity benefit, child benefit and health insurance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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