What Are the Festivals in Estonia?

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Estonian festivals have been held since 1981. The level of culture in Estonia can even be measured by the diversity of its festivals. People living in Estonia love to sing, so festivals in Estonia are usually music festivals. The most famous festivals in Estonia are:

  • Baltic Folk Music Festival: This festival in Estonia represents folk music from central Europe. The festival is celebrated on the last weekend of July. Estonia, which is calm and quiet except for the Baltic festival, takes all its people out to the streets of the city during festival times. The most important feature of the festival is sincerity. The number of participants is more than 25,000. With this number of participants, it represents the largest folk music festival in Europe and Estonia. In the Baltic Folk music festival, different music groups sing along with Estonian artists. At the same time, at the Baltic Folk Music festival, Estonian folklore teams dance and sing in traditional clothes. This festival is actually a festival that started to be organized in Lithuania, but over time it started to be celebrated in all Baltic countries. The festival is celebrated in the square in front of Tallinn’s town hall.
  • International Rock Music Festival: This festival in Estonia is held every summer. Local rock bands of the country and rock artists from various countries take the stage at the festival. The festival is great fun for rock music lovers in the country.
  • Estonian Song And Dance Celebration: This festival, held in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is celebrated in the spring. This festival plays an important role in promoting Estonian culture. The purpose of the festival is to awaken national feelings. That is why the Estonian national anthem is sung at the beginning of the festival.
  • Tallinn International Jazzkaar Festival: This musical is held in Estonia in November and December. This festival takes place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Jazzkaar festival takes place in Telliskivi square in the capital city of Tallinn. At the festival in Estonia, jazz bands take the stage and dance performances are held. One of the important advantages of the festival is that there are parking areas for both cars and bicycles.
  • Old Town Days Festival: Celebrated in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, this festival is held at the end of May. During this festival, various theaters are played in all the streets of the city. It gives the audience colorful moments. The people living in Tallinn wear traditional clothes, thus creating a medieval appearance for the whole city. Every year, different slogans are created at this festival. During the festival, people who attend the festival can watch the crafts of blacksmiths, glassblowers, masons and bakers. At the same time, knightly tournaments are held during the old city days festival. Souvenirs belonging to this tournament are sold in the festival area.
  • Film Festival in Finno-Ugric Languages: For Estonians, their own language is very important. Estonian belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family. This festival is held in Estonia every year in the last week of June. Other Finno-Ugric languages are also included in this festival. These languages are Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian. Films shot in languages with the Finno-Ugric language family are screened at this festival. It is a festival that is very popular with tourists who are interested in languages and language families.
  • White Woman Festival: It is an annual festival held in the Estonian city of Haapsalu. The festival takes place in the ancient Episcopal castle. The origin story of this festival is a ghost appearing in the chapel on a full moon evening in August. During the festival, theatrical performances called white women are performed at sunset. The festival is celebrated after sunset. All night long, the streets of the city present people with various shows. A bonfire tradition is also held at the festival. In the tradition of bonfires, fire is opened from the seashore, illuminating the path of sailors at sea. This tradition also represents uniting the countries on the Baltic Sea coast.
  • Beer Summer Festival: This is the biggest festival held during the summer season. This festival, which is the loudest and contains the most alcohol, is also a music festival with a family tarsi. The festival draws attention with its wide variety of music from beer, which is the name of the festival. In this case, it makes the festival a cultural event. The only condition of the festival is not to exceed the dose of alcohol consumption. Otherwise, guests may be removed from the festival area by the security at the festival.

These festivals are the most famous of the festivals in Estonia . Apart from these festivals, there are also the following festivals:

  • Tallinn Balck Nights Film Festival
  • Punk Song Festival
  • Brigitta Music and Theater Festival
  • Leigo Lake Music Festival
  • Saaremaa Opera Days

Having a wide variety of festivals in Estonia also enriches the country in terms of tourism.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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