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Nearby Countries To Visit For Those Who Live In Finland

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Finland is a Scandinavian country and has close neighbors around it. For those living in Finland, you can choose a country you like among the nearby countries to visit.

Among the nearby countries that can be visited for those living in Finland , we can count Russia in the east, Norway in the north and Sweden in the west. Finland was established in the Scandinavian peninsula. Finland is one of the rare countries where the northern lights can be observed due to its proximity to Norway.

Traveling from Finland to Russia

To get to Russia, which is close to the country of Finland, a train journey is ideal. As it is known, Finland is among the developed countries in terms of railways. There is a distance of 443 kilometers by rail between Russia and Finland, which is among the countries they can visit for those living in Finland. You can go from Finland to Russia by rail in 3.5 hours. Traveling by train to Russia via the city of Helsinki will be a fun and fast journey.

A visa is required to travel from Finland to Russia. To go to Russia, it is not just a high-speed train. If you wish, you can also go to Russia from Finland by bus. It allows you to have a fun journey accompanied by the wonderful green landscapes you will see during the bus journey, which will take longer than the high-speed train.

Air travel will be suitable for those who want to go from Finland to Russia faster. It is possible to reach Russia from Helsinki in just 1 hour.

Visiting Finland’s Neighbor Norway

To visit its Finnish neighbor Norway, the distance from the Finnish city of Helsinki to the Norwegian city of Oslo is 987 kilometers. If you want to visit its Finnish neighbor Norway, which is famous for its Northern lights, by car, the journey will take around 18 hours. But Norway is one of the most beautiful and must-visit countries you can visit from Finland with its unique beauties. Norway is at a very high level economically among the countries of the world, and it is among the magnificent countries to be seen with its magnificent natural beauties.

Having lived in a Scandinavian country such as Finland, it is a situation that you will really regret not visiting Norway, where you can see the northern lights in the most beautiful way, which is 987 km away from you. Therefore, if you think that the car journey will take too long, you can also travel by plane and reach this beautiful country in just 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Going from Finland to Neighboring Country Sweden

You can choose the ferry option to go from Finland to its neighbor Sweden . To travel from the Finnish city of Helsinki to the Swedish city of Stockholm, you need to book in advance. You can reach the city of Stockholm from Helsinki with a 17-hour journey.

You can also use the train route to go from Finland to Sweden. After the railway, he can go to Sweden by ferry. With its magnificent nature and geography surrounded by high mountains, Sweden is one of the countries that people living in Finland prefer to visit. Sarek national park is one of Sweden’s most beautiful open spaces to visit.

Northern Sweden is among the preferred places for winter sports. Located in Kiruna town, the ice hotel is a fairy tale hotel worth seeing.

Visiting Denmark from Finland

To visit Denmark from Finland , it is necessary to prefer air travel. The most comfortable way to go to Denmark, which is among the Scandinavian countries, is by plane. The flight journey between Denmark and Finland will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Denmark, the smallest of the Scandinavian countries, has a warmer climate than other Scandinavian countries.

For those in Finland, nearby countries to visit include Norway, Sweden, Russia, and Denmark, which are full of must-sees and attractions.

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