What are the Advantages of Investing in Estonia?

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Investment advantages in Estonia are given not only to Estonian citizens but also to citizens of all countries in the world. The Estonian government grants the right to establish a company in the country to all entrepreneurs in the world. Investing in Estonia has 10 distinct advantages, these are:

  • Special Tax System for Estonia: According to the data of the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation, the country with the most competitive tax system in the world is Estonia. The corporate tax system created by the Estonian government offers entrepreneurs an opportunity that is unique in the world. People who want to start a company do not pay a tax on the annual income they invest. A fixed rate of 20% has been determined for the dividend distribution from the company account, and taxes are paid at this rate. Estonia’s membership of the European Union and the investment opportunities it offers make the country an indispensable country for those who want to establish a company. Persons establishing a company in Estonia can make a tax-free real estate investment or startup investment with this company.
  • Low Cost of Establishment: Limited company establishment is the most preferred company type in Estonia. A limited company can be established with a capital of up to 2,500 euros. At the same time, this capital can be paid within one year, not at the company establishment. As most of the steps in establishing a company in Estonia are on the digital platform, the operating costs of the company can be paid in an amount of 100 or 150 euros.
  • Remote Company Management: People can establish a company here even before coming to Estonia. Investments are made in Estonia with a digital identity card that is valid all over the world. All work can be carried out on a website or a digital platform.
  • European Union Market: The European Union has the largest market in the world. All countries that are members of the European Union have trade permits among themselves. When an investment is made in Estonia, the owner of the company can do business with all member states of the European Union. This means reaching approximately 500 million people. In addition to establishing a company in Estonia, product trade can be done duty-free throughout Europe.
  • Access to Virtual Payment Systems: International payment systems can be acquired by investing and establishing a company in Estonia. Company owners in Estonia can sell through the digital platform and receive payments from their customers, as they have the right to a Paypall Business account.
  • Estonia’s Digital Power in the World: Establishing a digital-centric business in Estonia can greatly benefit one’s business because it builds a reliable reputation in the European market. People from almost all over the world can access the European and American markets by establishing a company in Estonia.
  • Innovations and Stable Behavior: Investing in Estonia means having a stable behavior in the European Union. This situation reduces the future anxiety for the company owners a little bit. For entrepreneurs who produce with technological developments, environments that provide stable behavior are more reliable because a change in state laws can negatively affect these people. Contrary to this situation in Estonia, the state supports people who invest on behalf of all technology. All the innovations made give positive results to the people who open a company.
  • Online Banking System Access: In Estonia, online banking system can be used instead of traditional banking systems. Without this internet, there is no physical branch in banking systems, the whole system belongs to a technology company. After your investment is approved in Estonia , an IBAN account belonging to the company is opened and expenses can be made. In addition, accounting or tax declaration transactions can be made with banking systems without internet.
  • Ecosystem Expansion and Job Opportunity Increase: Estonia’s investment ecosystem is growing because the country has a digital infrastructure and government policies that support investors. In the country, there is an expansion in the ecosystem of jobs that show technological developments. To open a company in Estonia, e-citizenship must be established in the country. The rapid growth of Estonia’s investment ecosystem will increase business opportunities.
  • Residence Permit Opportunity: A person who establishes a company in Estonia can obtain a residence permit for 2 or 5 years. In addition, a person who wants to work in the company can also obtain a residence permit if the owner is an Estonian citizen.

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