New Work Permit Paths After Ankara Agreement

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The Ankara Agreement was signed between the European Economic Community (EEC) in 1963. But after Bulgaria and Romania in the community joined the European Union, it was only applied to citizens of Turkey. The situations encountered with the termination of the Ankara Agreement and alternative ways to the agreement are as follows:

End of Ankara Agreement:

With the official departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union on January 31, 2020, the Ankara Agreement was terminated. However, within the scope of this agreement, the visa application provided to Turkish citizens who want to establish a business or work in the UK has also come to an end. From 1 January 2021, applications will not be accepted for citizens who want to set up a business and settle in the UK.

Innovator Visa

The Innovation Visa, which started to be used with the finalization of the Ankara Agreement, accepts people who want to establish or operate a business in the UK if they are outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. You must have at least £50,000 in mutual funds for this new business. This budget is not needed if the business has been approved and established for an earlier visa. To obtain a visa, you must create a new business and idea area. You cannot join a business that is in business. To obtain a visa, you must apply 3 months before your trip.

Start-up Visa

It is important to have sufficient English, to be over 18 years old, and to have enough savings to support yourself in order to go to the UK with this visa. With the end of the Ankara Agreement, those who want to start a business have started to benefit from this visa. Your visa application will be evaluated and finalized within three weeks. Visa application can be made 3 months before the trip.

How Valid?

Using a start-up visa, you stay in the UK for 2 years and you cannot apply for an extension on this visa. If your approval provided by the institution is withdrawn, your visa provided with this approval will also be cancelled. In other words, the time of the work you are doing is shortened by reducing the duration of the visa.

In the innovative visa, you can stay in the country for 3 years both in case of coming to the UK and in case of passing another visa. In fact, the person who wants to extend the Innovator Visa when it expires can apply again. If the application is approved, you can stay for 3 years and this right of application has no time limit.


What to do with the Innovator Visa and Start-up Visa?

You can get an innovative visa and start a business or several businesses, enter into a business partnership, and you also have the right to bring your family members with you. What you cannot do under the innovative visa can be listed as working in a job other than your application, working as a doctor or dentist, and continuing to work as a professional athlete. Also, you cannot benefit from public funds due to this visa.

When you come to the UK with a start-up visa, you can bring your family members with you. You can switch from other visa types to a start-up visa. You can work in the workplace you have established and you can also work in other workplaces. With this visa you cannot benefit from Public funding, cannot settle in the UK, Trainees cannot work as doctors or dentists. You cannot continue your studies as a professional athlete.

Visa fee

With the expiration of the Ankara Agreement, the visa fee changes according to the country of application for new visas. Start-up visa for Turkish citizens is 308 pounds if applying from outside the UK, and 438 pounds if applying from within the UK. For an innovative visa, it is £966 outside the UK and £1222 from within the UK. There may be additional fees for visa fees. These fees may vary depending on the application content. Application process from outside the UK is done online. Then, an appointment is made at the visa application center and the application process is completed with the fingerprints and photograph of the applicant during this appointment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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