What is life like in Estonia?

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Living in Estonia is something most people would prefer. Estonia, a Baltic country in Northern Europe, left the Soviet Union in 1990. Although they printed their own currencies during this period, with the joining of the European Union in 2002, it mainly uses the euro currency. Tallinn is the capital of this country, where lush forests and deep blue sea are at the forefront. The Old Town in Tallinn is on the world heritage list by UNESCO. Life in Estonia , one of the small countries in Europe, is quite comfortable. The number of literate people in Estonia, which develops itself in fields such as education, justice and tourism, is approximately 98.9%. Estonia is preferred by both tourists because of its richness of historical buildings and students because of its high level of education. The welfare level in Estonia is quite high. Among the famous companies in Estonia, companies such as Skype, Transferwise and Hotmail can be shown.

How is Technology Used in Daily Life in Estonia?

Thanks to the technological developments in Estonia , this country is known as the technological capital of Europe. Estonia is a country that is the pioneer of the digital world. People use technology a lot in their lives in Estonia . Official transactions in the state, parliamentary elections are all done on digital platforms. With the e-resident application, people can establish a company free of charge and have the right to citizenship. Robots, led by Tallin University of Technology, roam the streets of the city and act as courier. Driverless buses can be seen in Estonia between Kadriorg park and KUMU Art Museum. Transportation in Estonian life is almost entirely by electric scooter. Thanks to the fact that the country has a flat geography, a local company Stiga produces electric vehicles and Bolt company rents electric vehicles, transportation in the country is done via electric scooters. The use of technology in daily life is also seen in parks. Robots can be seen mowing lawns while strolling in the parks. The country of Estonia, which also benefited from technology in the field of health, carried medical samples between Estonia’s test centers and the Estonian Islands by drone transportation during the pandemic.

What is the Lifestyle in Estonia?

The lifestyle in Estonia is conservative because until 20 years ago Estonian people lived in villages or towns. A calm and peaceful life is lived throughout Estonia. Tallinn, the capital city, has a more active lifestyle compared to other cities. It can be said that the colorful and fast life in Tallinn is due to the universities and tourism venues in the city. At the same time, people with different cultures and languages can be found in the capital. The capital of Estonia can be said to have a multinational structure. Especially in the capital, where the young population is dense, nightlife is very active. Tallinn has many nightclubs. Even the nightclubs are so famous that young people from neighboring countries even come to Estonia daily to have fun.

What are the Living Conditions in Estonia?

Living conditions in Estonia are more comfortable than in other countries. Although it varies according to the living standards of the people, people can live on an average of 500 or 600 euros per month in Estonia. Expenditures by living conditions in Estonia are as examples:

  • For food expenses, a budget of 200 to 250 euros per month is required.
  • Estonian citizens or citizens who come to the country for education do not need a budget for transportation, but an average of 50 euros per month is required for tourists.
  • A budget of 10 euros for the theater, which is one of the cultural events in Estonia, and 5 euros for the cinema is sufficient.
  • Although not all concerts are the same price, a good concert can be attended for an average of 30 euros.
  • Gyms have an average budget of 30 to 50 euros per month.

How is Transportation in Estonian Daily Life?

Transportation in Estonia is provided by train, tram and bus. Transportation is free for Estonians and students who come to the country to study. Lennart Meri Airport is located in Tallinn and is the only airport in the country. The cheapest taxis in Europe are found in Estonia. Taxi fares are not more than 10 euros, except for trips outside the city. Personal electric scooters are most commonly used in daily life in Estonia . These scooters are both more affordable and faster than vehicles and there is no parking problem.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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