Universities, QS Rankings and Average Fees in Estonia

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Choosing a university in Estonia is very beneficial for students because it is possible to get a good education at low cost in this country. Estonia has a thriving economy, and this country is very close to Northern Europe. Due to its location, students may choose to go to university in Estonia to study. Students benefit from the cheapness of education in Estonia and the free public transport in Tallinn, the capital. The reason why students prefer it is the importance given to human rights in Estonia, apart from being economical. A safe and peaceful environment prevails in the country.

What is the Education System in Estonia?

The duration of education in Estonia is 3 years. In this education system, education is given in English. In addition, the country of Estonia has created many opportunities for international students. A student who goes to Estonia to study at university both has the opportunity to improve his English and has the opportunity to look for a job in the country for 6 months after graduation. The fact that the quality of life in this country is high but the expenses are affordable makes Estonia an ideal country for education for a student.

What Are Universities in Estonia?

Among the universities in Estonia , there are 3 big universities in the top 500 in the world. These 3 major universities are:

  • Tallinn Technical University: It is the only technical university in Estonia. Located in Tallinn, the capital of the country, the university has no affiliation with the University of Tallinn. The university has three main campuses. These are Tallinn, Kuressaare and Kohtla-Jarve. The faculties at Tallinn Technical University are:
    1. Chemical and Materials Engineering
    2. Civil engineering
    3. Economics and Business
    4. Mechanical engineering
    5. Information Technology (IT)
    6. Power Engineering
    7. Science
    8. International relations
    9. Economy
    10. Law
  • Tallinn University: It is a university located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This university is the fastest growing university in the country in the field of social sciences, as well as in the field of natural and natural sciences. There is a Tallinn Turcology Center at the university to be the representative of Turkish culture. This university is the most important place to promote Turkish culture after the consulate.
  • University of Tartu: Established in Tartu, this university is publicly owned. 19,000 students are actively studying at the university. This university is a member of the European Union Erasmus Project, so the presence of foreign students in the university is high. The Estonian flag, known today, was designed by Tartu University students in 1881.

What is the QS Ranking of the Best Universities in Estonia in the World?

Of the universities in Estonia, there are three major educational institutions that make it into the QS ranking . These are Tallinn Technical University, Tallinn University and Tartu University. The world QS rankings of these universities and the departments they enter are different from each other. Tallinn Technical University is ranked 301st in the world with its Electrical and Electronics Engineering department in the QS ranking. is in line. Tallinn University is 201st in the world QS ranking with its sociology department. is in line. Finally, Tartu University is 301 in this ranking. is in line.

When are the Application Periods for the Top 3 Universities in Estonia?

The application deadlines of the top 3 major universities in Estonia are as follows:

  • Tallinn Technical University: Application deadline is April 1st.
  • University of Tallinn: Application deadline is January 1st.
  • University of Tartu: Application deadline is between January 2 and April 15.

What is the Average Fees of Universities in Estonia?

The average costs of Estonian universities can be given over the country’s three largest universities. There are price changes between departments in universities, and there are changes in fees for undergraduate or graduate programs. Here is an average price for universities in Estonia :

  • Tallinn Technical University: 2,400-3,300 € for undergraduate, 3,300-6,000 € for masters.
  • University of Tallinn: 3,000-4,000 € for undergraduate, 1,660-4,000 € for master’s.
  • University of Tartu: 4.400-6.200 € for undergraduate, 2.500-5.200 € for masters.

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