What Jobs Can Be Done in Finland? Sectors with a Worker Shortage

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Finland is one of the most preferred countries to work. In this article, we will give detailed information about the work that can be done.

Working in Finland is one of the increasing demands. This is due to the high level of income.

Which Industries Are Most Preferred In Finland?
Those who come to Finland from abroad frequently prefer to start a business. Entrepreneurship is very common in the country. In addition, the government gives a lot of support to people in this regard. But getting your education to make a career plan in the field of business will give you great advantages.

The technology sector is very developed in Finland. This is because Nokia has companies like Angry Birds. If a good technology education is received, Finland can be preferred to work in this field.

Which Industries Are Most Preferred In Finland?

The most preferred sectors in Finland are listed below.

  • Forestry
  • electricity and electronics
  • paper industry
  • Informatics
  • Agriculture
  • Health
  • metal area
What are the World Famous Companies in Finland?
  • Artek
  • Stora Enso
  • nokia
  • Rovio Mobile
  • angry Birds
What are the Ways to Find a Job in Finland?

Finland provides consultancy services for international workers. This service is provided by the online job search site TE-palvelut.

Another employment platform is EURES. It was created by the European Commission. EURES is used for European Union citizens to find employment in other EU member states.

There are also online job sites such as Monster and Eurojobs.

What Are the Most Spoken Languages in Finland?

The languages spoken in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. These languages are the official languages of the country. This is why Finland is known as a bilingual country.

A large part of the Finnish population speaks Finnish. The ratio of Finnish speakers to the population is about 94.2%. The remaining 5.6% are native speakers of Swedish.

The Finnish language is very mysterious. It has no connection with the Scandinavian languages to the west or the Slavic languages to the east.

How Much Are Workers and Staff Salaries in Finland?

Finland is at the top of the World Happiness Report List. The quality of life in this country is very high.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Finland is workers’ salaries.

Finland’s currency is the Euro. Salaries are calculated as hourly wages. Salaries of people with higher education start from 3 thousand euros. These salaries increase with experience. Salaries are high, but house rent and food products are very expensive.

What is the Minimum Salary in Finland?

The lowest minimum wage in Finland is set at 1600 Euros. Persons who receive this salary are those who work in jobs such as cleaning staff, waiter and patient care. The minimum wage for those with higher education is around 2800 Euros.

What is a Finnish Tax Card?

You must have a tax card while working in Finland. You must apply to the Tax Administration for the card. You need a personal identification code to apply. Help is available at the Tax Offices in English, Swedish and Finnish.

What are the Average Salaries in Finland?
  • Lawyer salary: 5247 €
  • Engineer salary: 4076 €
  • Architect salary: 3512 €
  • Doctor’s salary: 6981 €
  • Dentist salary: 8586 €
  • Veterinarian salary: 4032 €
  • Nurse salary: 3555 €
  • Teacher salary: 3013 €
  • Secretary salary: 1734 €
What Jobs Are Granted Temporary Residence Permit in Finland?
  • Tasks requiring special expertise
  • Job internship.
  • researcher duties
  • Tasks at the management level of the enterprise
  • Missions in science, art and culture

The jobs for which temporary residence permit is granted in Finland are as above.

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