Languages Spoken in Finland and Learning Finnish

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Persons wishing to reside or work in Finland must learn at least an intermediate level of Finnish or Swedish.

People planning to go to Finland for some reason must speak at least an intermediate level of Finnish or Swedish. 87% of Finnish people speak Finnish as their mother tongue. 5% of Finns speak Swedish. So most people are Finnish? Or is it Swedish? he asks. First of all, you should choose the language according to the region you want to live in Finland. However, the majority of the country speaks Finnish. Therefore, you should learn at least an intermediate level of Finnish sign or spoken language.

People who want to settle in Finland for business reasons must learn one of the Finnish and Swedish languages spoken in the country. It is enough for a person to know enough language to express himself. For this, you can learn to speak Finnish or Swedish by attending a language course. At the same time, those who are considering applying for Finnish citizenship must also know the language. Speaking at least at an intermediate level is the most important reason. When applying for citizenship, you need to prove your language skills. They may put you in an interview for this. If you want to learn more about Finnish language skills requirements, we recommend that you review InfoFinland’s Official Language Skills page.

Do I Need to Know Finnish to Work in Finland?

The Finnish government is quite insistent on the need to know the language when allowing foreign citizens to reside in its country. For this reason, he emphasizes that foreign citizens who aim to go to the country to work should know at least Finnish or Swedish. In many workplaces and institutions where you will study, you will need the Finnish language. That’s why you can get help from a language course to learn the Finnish language in a few months without leaving your home country. At the same time, you can start speaking in a shorter time by taking private lessons from educators who speak Finnish.

Even if you do not plan to stay in the country for a long time, it is useful to know Finnish. At the same time, Finland is among the best English speaking countries. However, you still need to learn Finnish or Swedish. Therefore, you can choose a suitable institution for language education without wasting time. When you decide to speak a language, it is possible to learn at the level you want. The key is perseverance and courage. Sometimes you may not understand a word. But you can understand what the other person means from the sentence he or she has given you. For example; Let’s say you go to Finland. You went to a market here for shopping. If you cannot find a product you are looking for, you will have to ask the department staff. In this direction, even if you do not pronounce the sentence correctly, the other person will understand what you want. So don’t say that language is very difficult and I can’t do it. You can do the best in anything you dare.

Finnish Language Skills Test

If you are considering applying for Finnish citizenship, you must have an official document proving your Finnish or Swedish language skills. You must be fluent in Finnish or Swedish, which corresponds to the language level required by the Finnish government. People who intend to go to live, study and work in Finland must document their language skills . So, how can you document your language ability?

  • If you want to document your language skills, you can review the steps below.
  • You can certify your language skills by taking the general language test.
  • You can certify your language proficiency by taking a state-run Finnish or Swedish language test.
  • You can document it with your Finnish or Swedish course grade in your diploma.

Therefore, it is imperative that you speak the languages spoken in the country at a minimum level. For this reason, it is imperative that you learn the Finnish or Swedish language and prove that you know it.

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