7 Reasons to Move to the UK

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Moving to England, the country where the sun never sets, started to increase seriously, especially after the July 15 coup.

The number of people who want to move to England has increased considerably in recent years. Especially after the July 15 coup d’état, those who wanted to go abroad increased. This agreement was the choice of many people who wanted to take advantage of the Ankara Agreement, including our country. The practical solution of those who have capital in order to obtain a residence permit and work permit, this visa is given to people who meet the necessary conditions.

Those who go to the UK for educational or business purposes can experience many advantages in order to obtain a permanent residence permit. You will be able to reach better living conditions by living in various cities of England, the center of the United Kingdom. However, we would like to point out that the rents and transportation options are extremely high. If you are coming to the UK it will be extremely important to have a few thousand pounds in your pocket.

Of course, deciding to live in a different country is not as easy as you think. Even if you have nothing, you must have at least 10,000 pounds. Because in this way, it will be easier to both get a residence permit and speed up the approval of your visa applications such as the Ankara Agreement.

1. Quality Education

Those who prefer this country for education can decide to settle if they have a chance to find a job after school. After obtaining an education visa by applying for a UK visa , those who prefer a working life can also obtain a work and residence visa. In this case, both continuing education and living here can be a good option.

2. Earnings on Currency

In general, the minimum wage is calculated on an hourly basis in businesses operating between 09:00 and 16:30. In corporate companies that do not work more than necessary, it is possible to both earn a good income and spare time for social life and family. If you have the chance to return to Turkey, you can save good money because you will earn foreign currency when you want to work and earn money in the UK .

3. A New Life

Of course, you can choose this country for a new culture and a new life. It is ideal for those who do not like very hot weather with its rainy climate. You may also be able to visit Scotland and Ireland at your leisure due to its close location to other countries. You should know that everything will change, from the photo frames you are in to the water you drink.

4. Respect for the Individual

You can live a more comfortable life in a country where there is a real respect for personal freedom and rights. There are many immigrants in the country that does not look at you with critical eyes and is open to multiculturalism because of the British Empire. With the Ankara Agreement, it is possible for many professional groups to work here.

5. Impressive History

Its museums, which are extremely important due to its historical background, will give you the chance to explore many places. Life conditions in England can be very flexible and special for you, with many applications that allow you to live in touch with history. In addition, if you want to live in a different country and you have a budget, you can invest in one of the old and historical houses.

6. Equality

It is extremely common to encounter a minister on public transport or people shopping in luxury stores. Therefore, it is not possible for people to lead an unequal life according to their income level. If you are looking for an equal, free and modern country in terms of life, you can choose many cities, especially London.

7. Social Events

Social life is extremely active in England , where many activities, especially football, are in question. In addition to outdoor sports activities, you can easily find many social and artistic events in England.

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