How is British Cuisine and Food Culture?

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England, also known as the United Kingdom, is one of the most well-established and powerful countries in the world. So what is British cuisine and food culture like? Many people are curious about the subject.

What is British cuisine and food culture like? The cuisine of this royal country is among the subjects of interest. When British cuisine is examined, we see that despite its deep-rooted history and royal lineage, it has a limited world cuisine. However, since it includes people from many countries, it is also affected by different cultures. There are different and special tastes in British cuisine.

Breakfast Culture in British Cuisine

Breakfast culture is very important in British cuisine . The first thing that comes to mind when talking about breakfast in the English is scrambled eggs, which they call eggs. The breakfast tables also include fried sausage, bacon, hash browns, soybeans, tomatoes, butter and toast. Since tea culture is very important in England, tea is consumed for breakfast.

Cheese varieties also occupy a very important place in British cuisine. In particular, Welsh cheese is also used a lot in meals. There are 700 kinds of cheese in British cuisine.

Fish and Chips in British Cuisine

In British cuisine, fish and chips, namely fish and chips , are the first famous dishes that come to mind when British food culture is mentioned. Fish and chips, known as British food in the world, are among the most successful dishes of British cuisine.

The specialty of this dish, which means fish and chips, is that it is made from cod. The cod fish is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and served with fried potatoes. It is served with an English beer, Ale, in English Pubs and restaurants.

Traditional Sunday Meal of British Cuisine Roast Beef

Roast Beef, the traditional Sunday meal of British cuisine, which comes to mind when it comes to British food culture, has a very important place in British cuisine. Even in Istanbul, the concept of Roast is served as a roast cuisine for lunch in some hotels in the world.

Roast Beef, which is offered as a Sunday lunch in England, is served by cutting into thin slices of veal roasted in slow fire in a large piece. In addition to veal, the British also serve pork and turkey meat. It is garnished with a special sauce called gravy and potatoes and boiled vegetables.

An English Food Culture Afternoon Tea

An English food culture , which made England spread all over the world, has spread all over the country from this country. The famous fruitless fat-free English cake, which is served in the traditional afternoon tea menus, is highly preferred due to its low calorie and organic nature. Famous English cookies and small bites of English muffins are among the traditional offerings of afternoon tea.

The Indispensable Potato of British Cuisine

In British cuisine, potatoes are among the dishes consumed at almost every meal. Baked potato, which is one of the most indispensable tastes of British cuisine, is among the most popular dishes. Kumpir, which is offered in many pubs and restaurants in England, is not served with salad varieties by mixing many varieties like in ours. The British make a presentation by putting tuna, beans, cheddar cheese or ground meat in kumpir.

Pub culture is very developed in England. It is widely consumed besides fried potatoes and sandwiches in places called Pubs that are visited by the family. In some places, mussels with fried potatoes are among the favorite dishes of the British.

Potatoes, which are also consumed alongside hamburger varieties in Puff culture, are indispensable in British culinary culture.

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