Advice for those who want to live in the UK

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Those who want to live outside of your own country should decide which country they prefer. Among the recommendations for those who want to live in England, your decision may be England.

Why should England be preferred among the recommendations for those who want to live in England? You can find the answer to your question.

Getting a Visa to Work and Live in the UK

There are many types of visas to obtain a visa to work and live in the UK . The most preferred visa among these visa types is the student visa. The Ankara agreement visa signed between Ankara and England, which will be the biggest factor in your choice of England, is the visa type preferred by those who want to start their own business. Living in the UK will be ideal for you if you have sufficient bank accounts to live here and have a job that can contribute to the country. But before deciding on this, he should do a very good research.

Preferred to Live in the UK?

Those who decide to live abroad have the most difficulty choosing which country to go to. All countries abroad have different conditions and people. The important thing is that you live in a country that you believe is in better conditions than yours. For this, a very good research should be done.

In this case, England is among the first preferred countries to live . England has made it a preferred country in terms of living space, being comfortable, organized, people working in the professional field, good wages and being at a very advanced level in education. The fact that the education system in England is very good is one of the main reasons for preference.

UK Free Education System and Schools Near Everywhere

The biggest reason for those who settled in England from Turkey is that they think about the future of their children. Especially in Turkey, private schools are very expensive and parents who do not find the education in schools sufficient prefer this country because they want their children to study in England. Because education in the UK is completely free up to university . Moreover, it is very advantageous to have a school within walking distance of every region.

The system of entering universities with a scoring system without a university entrance exam allows parents to provide the future they want for their children. The fact that there are more than 100 universities in England is also proof that it is the best country in terms of education.

Working Conditions and Affordable Working Hours Provided in the UK

The most attractive for people who want to live in the UK are the respectable working conditions of the UK. Weekly working hours in the UK total 37 hours . There is a working system in the form of 5 days a week. Especially professional foreign nationals work just like their citizens. In the country, which has an extremely fair working system, there is no mobbing pressure, such as the obligation to work overtime. Even if you feel such pressure, you have the right to complain.

Living in the UK is not as expensive as it seems

Living in the UK is not as expensive as you might think. As it is known, the UK uses the pound sterling currency. That’s why salaries here are adjusted according to living standards. Although the rents are high in central cities such as London, you can rent much more affordable and beautiful houses as you move away from the city. Prices in the markets are not very expensive. Contrary to popular belief, people do not buy fruits and vegetables one by one. People buy as much as they want. Even people who settled in England and got a residence permit stated that products containing meat and milk are sold at very affordable prices.

Doing Sports with Nature in England

Sports are very important in England. Most Brits prefer to cycle rather than drive. While training in England, children are provided with sports training. The British, who know the importance of sports in children’s education, do sports in the open air as a people.

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