Sectors with Job Shortages in the UK

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Those who want to work abroad can obtain a visa more quickly, consciously about sectors with job vacancy in the UK.

Sectors with job gaps in the UK are preferred by those who want to immigrate . It is also known that the job opportunities that many people need are not very good in countries like Turkey. In some cases, there are sectors that are needed professionally. Many sectors are looking for workers not only in England but also in Scotland.

The search for qualified and unqualified personnel exists in England as in every country. Although it is no longer included in the EU, the privileges of this country still remain valid. Searches are made from time to time, especially for the supply of qualified personnel. Many scientists accept these invitations and move to settled life. That’s why more and more people immigrate to the UK.

Jobs to Find a Job in the UK

Engineering geologist, geophysicist, hydrogeologist, geophysicist, geologist, geologist experienced in the mining industry, archaeologist, Civil and electrical engineers, electronic engineers, design and development engineers, IT business analysts, web designers, doctors, nurses, cyber security specialists, therapists, psychologists, You can find jobs in veterinarians, teachers, architecture, artists (ballet, classical music, opera), conductors, scientists and education professionals. Of course, for this, you need to have a good knowledge of English. If you know the language, your work will be easier. However, if you don’t know, you can run into many problems. Job opportunities in the UK are extremely plentiful for scientists. There are also opportunities to work at universities.

Beneficiaries of the Ankara Agreement

If qualified immigrants have foreign language knowledge, they have the opportunity under all circumstances. What about the unskilled? In this case, getting a work permit becomes a bit difficult. At best, it is possible to work in jobs such as child care and cleaning. However, many people benefit from the Ankara Agreement .

Entrepreneurs who want to start their own business are easily granted residence and work visas thanks to this agreement. In this way, you can gain advantage both for working and sitting. If you have a certificate in hairdressing, cooking and similar crafts, you can start a business. Your visa procedures are concluded within 15 days.

It is possible to start many businesses such as teaching English to foreigners, serving meals to offices, event jobs. We can explain the benefits of the Ankara Agreement as follows:

  • You will not have any problems with residence and work permits.
  • Your spouse is granted a general work permit
  • Your children can get a good education
  • You can also take your dependent family members, such as your mother, father and children, with you.
  • You can get a British passport
  • You can apply for citizenship after 5 years

After obtaining citizenship, you and your family can benefit from the health and education system. Many brokerage firms assist citizens in establishing businesses and other matters.


Day-to-day or long-term babysitting jobs are in high demand. Sometimes a caregiver is needed even to go to a special meal, in this case, a small income can be obtained. If you have a formal education, you can babysit much more easily. These babysitting procedures are also frequently preferred for working mothers.

Boutique Pastry

Pastry businesses are very popular in England . In fact, kitchen work is important. Because England does not have a developed culinary culture. You can carry out your works that will result in success in boutique pastry business over the internet. Both increasing the product variety and expanding the service network can create a chance for you to earn good income.

Medical Professions

Jobs such as computer repair, car wash and hairdressing, as well as science jobs such as nursing, doctor and patient care are very popular. It is one of the places where you can take a good step when you want to develop your doctoral career in the UK .




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