How is the Health System in Estonia?

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The health system in Estonia is very developed. With the development of technology, many innovations have been made in the field of health. No rapidly transmitted disease has been observed throughout the country, except during the covid-19 pandemic period. Pricing is somewhat expensive in the Estonian healthcare system . Together with the doctor’s fees, the necessary procedures reach 100 euros.

What are the recommended vaccines in Estonia?

Vaccines made in Estonia include:

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine: This vaccine is given because hepatitis A virus can be found in edible food or contaminated water.
  • Hepatitis B Vaccine: It is the vaccine for the hepatitis B virus, which is transmitted through contaminated needles, blood products or sexual contact. This vaccine should be given as a precautionary measure before a medical procedure, tattoo or piercing sanction, or sexual contact.
  • Rabies Vaccine: There are dogs, bats and mammals on the streets in Estonia. For this reason, local people are shot in compulsory situations. If these mandatory conditions are not present, this vaccine will not be given. Mandatory situations in vaccination may include people who are in the same environment with animals by going to the camp, veterinarians, animals biting children while playing with animals.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine: It is a virus transmitted from infected flies, although it is not very common in Estonia. This virus vaccine is not given to all Estonians. The incidence of the disease in Estonia is 2.3%.

What are Estonia’s Health Conditions?

Flu, colds or intestinal infections occur in conditions in the Estonian healthcare system . Flu vaccine is not compulsory in Estonia, citizens who wish can get this vaccine in the autumn. Doctor examination prices are 100 euro and more. Before vaccination, a doctor’s check is mandatory in the country. Lung ailments such as pneumonia and bronchitis are common in Estonia, as the country’s climate is often extremely cold and rainy.

What is the System of Hospitals in Estonia?

Estonian hospitals are clean and in line with European standards. State hospitals and private hospitals serve together in the country. In Estonia, hospitals usually have healthcare workers who speak Russian and English, as well as Estonian. The emergency ambulance line is 112. Doctors’ examination fees in hospitals vary between 25 and 100 euros. Except for the treatment fee of the hospitals, only the bed fee is 2.5 euro. Health insurance is common in the health system in Estonia . Therefore, people living in Estonia do not have to make serious payments when they encounter health problems.

What are the Drug Supply Conditions in Estonia?

The drug supply in Estonia varies from drug to drug. If the drug to be taken is vitamins or mild pain relievers, these drugs can be obtained from certain sections of the markets. But heavy drugs can only be obtained from pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Medication for almost all diseases is carried out in Estonia.

What are the Innovations and Studies in the Health System in Estonia?

Health innovations in Estonia started in the country after the end of the occupation of Soviet Russia. While the survival rate was 66.5% in 1994, the survival rate increased to 76.3% with the conclusion of the health studies carried out in 2011. The health insurance, which belongs to the Estonian health system, is operated by the Ministry of Social Affairs. The responsibilities of the Ministry of Social Affairs are:

  • Creating the policy of health care
  • Creating the structuring of the health service
  • To control the functioning of the health service
  • To determine the standards of health institutions
  • Making necessary health arrangements

The most important resource that finances the Estonian health system is health insurance. Others are taxes, personal payments, private insurance. The public plays a major role in the functioning of the health system, but the private sector is also seen at certain moments. An example of the private sector in certain fields is the employment of family physicians in the private sector. In Estonia, the number of doctors per capita is higher in the healthcare system than in Europe. However, it is not sufficient for nurses and general practitioners.

What is the Impact of Technology on the Estonian Health System?

The Estonian healthcare system has grown and developed considerably with the impact of technological developments . Technological steps taken are used in the health system. The best example of these is the work done during the pandemic period. Due to the difficulty of transportation between the city centers and the Estonian islands, test samples from the islands were carried to the test centers by drone transport. This situation has been very beneficial for Estonia in determining the number of cases. At the same time, they used robots to treat people with serious diseases who should not be infected. Thus, patients were treated with minimal contact.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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