How to Find a Job in Estonia

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The ease of finding a job in Estonia depends on the job seeker’s occupation. Estonia is a Baltic country full of opportunities to find jobs. Since the country is developing technologically, almost all job opportunities are related to software. Almost half of the job postings on digital platforms to find a job are in the software industry. At the same time, in order to provide job opportunities in Estonia , it is necessary to know Estonian and Russian besides English. People who do internships from a company in Estonia are usually offered a job after the internship is over. In Estonia, job opportunities are more common in the Estonian capital city of Tallinn or Tartu. People in Estonia can do both a master’s degree and take their business life together. Companies are flexible in this regard.

What Are The Digital Platforms To Find Job Opportunity In Estonia?

Some of the sites for finding a job in Estonia are:

  • linkedln
  • WorkInEstonia
  • glassdoor
  • Europeanjobdays
  • Indeed
  • Iagora
  • CV.EE (Estonia’s largest job portal)
  • European Job Mobility Portal (The portal to find jobs all over Europe)
  • Startup jobs in Estonia (a portal for Estonian jobs at the emerging levels)

Apart from digital platforms to find a job in Estonia, you can also get help from counselors during your university education. All digital platforms to find a job in Estonia have a requirement to know English. Some sites require knowledge of Russian and Estonian in addition to English in the job application requirements.

What is it like to Start a Business in Estonia?

Opening a company in Estonia has become more important as the country joins the European Union. It is easier to start a business here than in other European countries because the country has a low and efficient tax system and an easy bureaucracy. Also, since it is a member of the European Union, someone who establishes a company in Estonia has a European Union company. Due to these opportunities, Estonia has encouraged highly equipped foreign workers, especially workers with information technologies, to work in its country. Estonia’s economy has been on a steady increase in recent years compared to its neighboring countries. Thanks to this situation, the welfare level of the country rises. Starting a business in Estonia can be done by a digital platform, e-residency. In Estonia, which is very advanced in technology, remote companies can be established and managed. A company can be established in Estonia with a capital commitment of 2500 euros.


What Are Other Job Opportunities to Consider in Estonia?

For other job opportunities in Estonia , the priority is to know English as a mother tongue. If this is achieved, there are TEFL job opportunities in the country. TEFL’s job is to teach English as a foreign language. If Estonian, the official language of the country, is not known, this job is an important job opportunity for people. One of the job opportunities in Estonia is to work remotely. In these online jobs, people work from their own homes.

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