What are the Digital Transactions that can be made in Estonia?

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Digital transactions in Estonia are possible thanks to the importance that the country attaches to technology. Estonia is a Baltic country that is a member of the European Union. After the declaration of independence, Estonia followed a policy for serious technological investments in the country. Estonia, located in Northern Europe, stands out in the world with the importance it gives to education and technology. Almost more than half of the country’s job opportunities are in the software sector, which ensures that the infrastructure for digital transactions in Estonia is seriously ready. To start a business in Estonia, people do not need to be located in Estonia or make serious real estate investments in the country. Thanks to the digital infrastructure developed by the Estonian government, Estonia has become almost the most technological country in Europe. With the development of technology, the era of digital transactions has begun in Estonia. The digital transactions that can be made in Estonia are:

  • E-residence: Persons wishing to start a business in Estonia must have this e-registration. In this digital identity, all information of citizens is recorded. Thus, it is possible to sign documents and contracts while establishing a business over the internet. At the same time, the authenticity of signed documents can be checked.
  • Remote Control Opportunity: Thanks to digital transactions in Estonia, entrepreneurs can control their companies remotely, even if they are not located in Estonia.
  • E-banking: One of the digital transactions in Estonia is e-banking. There is no physical bank branch in this virtual banking. People can open a bank account over the internet, as well as make remote money transfer or payment transactions via the digital platform.
  • Virtual Elections: Government elections in Estonia are held on a digital platform. Although initially not accepted by Estonian citizens, the transparency and reliability of the Estonian government facilitated the persuasion process of the Estonian public. The system is controlled impartially in the elections on the virtual platform, which is one of the digital transactions in Estonia.
  • Payment Systems: One of the digital transactions in Estonia is online payment systems. There is a payment system such as Paypal seen in the country. Although the payment systems on this digital platform are not seen in many countries, they are supported by the Estonian government.
  • Tax Processing: After starting a business in Estonia, a tax declaration must be created. Although this tax declaration takes a few days in most countries, it does not take more than 3 minutes to file a tax return as it is done online in Estonia.
  • Transportation: Public transportation in Estonia is free only for Estonian citizens and students studying in the country. The Estonian government uses digital platforms to determine who will provide free public transport. These persons must have e-citizenship.
  • Digital Transactions in Health Institutions: Transactions desired to be made in health institutions in Estonia are made and recorded via the digital platform. This record is made on the person’s digital identity. Health transactions, one of the digital transactions in Estonia, are under the control of citizens. In short, it can be viewed as much as people allow. Vaccines made by citizens, regular drugs used or the diseases or surgeries they have undergone are recorded in the digital identity.
  • Digital Transactions in Government Institutions: Transactions in Estonian government institutions take place entirely over the internet. In this way, people who want to take action do not have to wait for a long time in government offices. In addition, since the personal rights of individuals are protected, personal data cannot be viewed in any state institution without the consent of the individuals.
  • Virtual Shopping: Online shopping is very developed in Estonia. People often do not have much time to spend on shopping because they work remotely. Therefore, they can meet their needs such as clothes, shoes, electronic goods or food through digital platforms.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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